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What is money-box?

This is cash-back system for active and regular customers. Money comes to Money-box after you made an order and counts following ways:

  • if the client has discount less then 10% it comes 2% of order amount to the Money-box;
  • if the client has discount from 10% to 15% it comes 1% of order amount to the Money-box
Also you can get gift to the Money-box due to activity at social networks, and others. Follow the news.

You can use savings from the Money-box for payment any part of the order or the entire order as a whole.

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Georgian Tea

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Georgian tea is a Northern product. Its history has been modelled by romantic dreams and energy of enthusiasts, talented entrepreneurs and hard working scientists, heroic efforts of usual workers and technical imagination of engineers. Through a long and difficult period of development, it came to a brilliant moment of flourishing which was immediately followed by degeneration and almost oblivion. 

Nowadays, tea business in Georgia finds itself at a low ebb. The old Chakve factory continues to produce "kalmyk" green tea for consumers in Middle Asia. As far as premium grades are concerned, which require a lot more labour, - they are still made by a few enthusiastic farmers using artisan methods, same as a hundred years ago. Tea lovers don't care so much about profit numbers in the books, knowing that their loving attitude will be rewarded with great results anyway.

The leader of our company Sergey Shevelev visited Georgian tea production sites for the second time in the beginning of the summer of 2016. As a result, our range of products was enriched by "Kalmyk tea" and "High grade red (black) tea", both of Georgian production.

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