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Very good ripe pu-erh for everyday use! The smell of the leaves reminds the earth, the empty trough and wet wood. The ready made tea has the smell of a clay, earth, and wet dried grass. The taste is very earthy, woody and nutty. The after taste has a strong taste of a nut peel.
Beautiful packaging, nice to offer!

Dan Ya Meizhou Chao Cha
Anja Lukic / Rating

Roasted and precious!
Very intense tea. The smell of dry leaves reminds of a black chocolate and bread. The smell of a ready made tea is more nutty and woody. And then comes the taste... It is very smoky, with marine notes of algues, toasted bread and hazelnuts. The after taste has tobacco smoked notes. Excellent tea for those who like deep, warm, smoky and slightly bitter teas!

Tulou Lao Oolong (aged Oolong)
Anja Lukic / Rating

The tea leaves have a wonderful smell, that go cognac, black bread and biscuits. The smell of the liquor reminds cognac and caramel pop corn. The taste is too neutral to be lao, there is also some bitterness. The after taste is more interesting, with sugary and chocolate notes. Good evening tea for every day.

Anxi Hey Tie Guanyin
Anja Lukic / Rating

Very interesting and rich in tastes evening tea.The smell of the tea leave reminds coffee, chestnut, caramel and plums. The smell of the liquor is biscuity and buttery.
The taste has notes of nuts, wood, raisin and plum's pit, with smoky and salty nuances. The after taste is buttery, with a mix of salty chestnuts and berries. If you make it stronger (5-6g per 50ml), the acidity of berries in the taste and after taste becomes more pronounced.

Very tasty oolong, the smell of liquor is spicy and sweet, the taste is creamy, buttery, with some acidic fruity notes. Perfect for evenings!

Excellent tea! Has strong honey flavor!

Mei Ren Hong
Прядко Евгения / Rating

"Kalmyk" brick tea
Csaba G. Bencsik / Rating

Excellent, soft!
A typical tibetan style tea from Georgia! Biger leaf parts and stems, but this is with low astringency, and ability for long boiling. Good, stable, clear and clean brew, with the typical georgian tea taste profile. Warmly recommended for a delicate tibetan way made tea!!!!

Zhong Cha «Green Seal» 2003, 400 g
Kent Steedman

Exceptional tea, long lasting and sublime. Works well in silence and in conversation.
These quality teas are fun as they are almost bitter, almost sweet,almost astringent and almost smooth and soft. They are all this and none at the same time- showing .the best of all these sensations not the opposite and it varies round/infusion to infusion as great tea does. We had 6 or 7 first day and then served it the next day for just as many. with no loss of spirit and power.

The Stranger Things

Yiwu Zheng Shan Ye Sheng Cha (2000), aged sheng puer, 345 g
Paolo Corsetti / Rating

Good aged sheng,woody,ripe leaves with slightly sweet finish.

Go Xiang Lao Cha, Aged oolong
Paolo Corsetti / Rating

The friendly staff of Moychay gave me a sample of this tea on my first purchase, what can I say .. I was lucky! I'm not a big fan of Baked/roasted oolong, but this is absolutely unique! Notes of red fruit and citrus, resin and a slight touch of smoked accompany an exceptionally sweet finish. One of the best Oolong I have ever tasted, at a very competitive price.

Really surprising tea, thick, viscous, with notes of wet leaves, citrus fruits with a sweet and refreshing finish, perfectly aged, it supports many infusions developing on many levels. I drank 5.2gr on 90ml gaiwan for 3 consecutive days. Excellent

Mei Ren Oolong (Guangdong)
Алексей / Rating


Hong Fu Jin Zhuan (, 2016), 400 g
Paolo Corsetti / Rating

5 stars and added to my favorites, while I drink it I seem to be walking in a wood after a summer rain.The liquor is thick and viscous and fills the mouth with fragrances that almost do not resemble the other Hei Cha that I have tried. But the price is definitely its strong point, for a few euros I have a 400gr brick that over the years will only gain in complexity. :-)

Teacaddy # 26006, yixing clay
Paolo Corsetti

Hi Sergey!

I just read your email, thanks for the correctness and availability to solve the problem :-)
At this point I can give 5 stars to your product and your service.

Teacaddy # 26006, yixing clay
Sergey Moychay

Dear Paolo! Tomorrow our delivery department will contact you and we solve the problem!
Sorry for delay, we will double check our e-mail service!
If you use telegram messenger, you can easily find us at @brainfilter for any assistance!
Thanks for patience, will
Keep in touch with you soon!

Teacaddy # 26006, yixing clay
Paolo Corsetti / Rating

1 star not for quality but for shipping and communication. Product arrived damaged, with a large vertical crack, I communicated the problem to both emails: and on 3 and 6 March respectively.
I still don't get an answer ...
The problem in my honest opinion was in the packaging insufficient with respect to the weight of the object.
However the tea caddy itself is well made and very capacious, I bought it to age my heicha and 500gr of pieces of brick entered it without any problem, I can probably add another 3-400gr.

Thermos with vacuum cap # 20532, metal, 1900 ml.
Евгений Т

High quality red tea from classical Georgian black. The teaplants suppose to be not young: this is expressed by the light acids, and no bitterness. The tea making process also shows professionalism. the result in the taiwan: amazing. This tea can be an ambassador of the classic georgian black tea.
100ml/3~3,5g/85C with soft spring water . It holds easily 10 good infusions. The fruity , baked cake taste lasts long all steeping.
Not a cheap daily drinker, but this is a tea for special occasions, feasts and holidays, for share with good friends and special guest!!!
I would give rate 5/5b stars