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Pu'er Storage Environment Part 2: References, Environment Maintenance

This article covers pu’er storage concerns in greater detail, following an initial article covering basic

issues. This article cites reference sources that explore each previously identified subject (subset)

further, adding expert opinion or well-developed research based input on specific issues.

Moychay compressed fruit tisane: Fruit harvest "Warming"

This is a unique product as tisanes go, a pressed mix of different fruits. The product description page

would cover specifics but the listing seems abbreviated since this particular tea no longer in stock at

time of review. The label I have is in Russian but I didn’t take the next steps to get the ingredients

identified, even though the fruits looked interesting and unfamiliar. There is a story to be told about this

even if this specific fruit blend is never replaced as an option, since this dried fruit as a tisane range is

novel, and worked out to be very interesting in this version.

Liaomi Shizhu Lao Cha

The website product description works for a starting point:

Aged oolong "Shiru" ("Stone milk") was made in the middle of 2000s.

…The fragrance is mature, woody with dry fruits' accent. The liquor is transparent, with meadow

honey hue.

Woody with berry, spicy and balmy resins notes. The fragrance is complex and soothing, fruity…

So this is 15 years old, or so, a type of oolong that isn’t described in detail related to processing style or

specific origin. It will be possible to “work back” to guess about the original aspects and type but it’s

really the present-time character that matters most.

Huang Jin Gui, Maizhao Chao Cha (Guangdong Oolong)

«Golden Osmanthus from Meizhou» made by authentic Chao Cha technology (multiple roasting alternating with interruptions for cooling)…

The bouquet of the brewed tea is warm and multifaceted, with nutty, woody, biscuit, balsamic, tobacco, and fruity notes. The fragrance is deep and warm, complex, spicy, with a biscuit accent. The taste is full-bodied and silky, changes from soft and sweetish, to juicy, slightly astringent, with a fruity sourness.

Da Jin Ya Shu Cha, Big Gold Bud ripe / shu pu’er tea

This tea is listed as a Da Jin Ya Shu Cha (Shu Puer Big Gold Tips), a 2016 Menghai county harvested tea

pressed in 2018 From that Moychay site listing information it’s sold out now, no longer available. Too

bad; it was exceptional tea. At least the tea versions seem to be replaced by similar ones over time.

Pu’er Storage Environment Basics

This subject covers so much range that it’s a matter of judgment which parts are basic versus others

being finer points or optional additional considerations. Just mapping out scoping related to all the

factors is a substantial project. It’s also relevant to consider what the goal is, why to age pu’er, if the

idea is to enable transition due to aging or just to maintain positive aspects of a tea.

Ba Xian Meizhou, Chao Cha (Guangdong Oolong)

This is one of three Guangdong area oolongs reviewed at the same time, with more distinction of type to be found in the Moychay site sales page description:

"Eight Immortals from Meizhou" is made of Chao Cha technology (multiple roasting alternating with cooling for cooling)…

Shui Xian Meizhou, Chao Cha (Guangdong oolong)

This is one of a set of teas that seem related, in origin and style, along with a Huang Jin Gui and Ba Xian Meizhou Guangdong oolongs. All three are seemingly significantly roasted oolongs (although that level isn’t specified), with the other two prepared as relatively chopped leaves, and this one presented more as a twisted style, closer to a typical Wuyi Yancha Fujian oolong presentation.

Moychay compressed herb tisane: Fire Tea (Ivan-Tea fermented, smoked)

The Fire-Tea is a premium quality smoked fermented fireweed (Epilóbium angustifolium)... for

convenience of storage and aging, pressed into a briquette (80 g). The briquette is designed for 12

preparations, based on the proportion of 1 cube per 500 ml of water. It is a completely natural

product from wild plants of the Russian North Reserve (Vologda region) harvested in 2017 and

pressed in 2018, made in Russia.

Tie Guanyin Wang

This seems to be a standard version of lighter-style Tie Guan Yin. The webpage description serves as an

introduction to the version, including a bit on aspects (an excerpt):

"The Emperor of Tie Guanyin" was made in September 2018 by the county by qing xiang technology

(light fermentation, moderate fire)….

Tea talk with Dennis Petersen. Tea philosophy, leadership and the value of tea.

Tea conversation, like tea, can be endless. Tea streams and tea consciousness in conversation can intersect in fanciful ways and express themselves in the most frank dialogues between the two speakers.

Amsterdam branch:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:00 Philosophy of Dennis life
00:07:20 Sergey's rules and ruling philosophy
00:13:11 Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy
00:17:48 Human skills and business organization
00:24:00 Democratic leadership
00:27:50 Emotional intelligence
00:33:15 Highly roasted oolong compressed in tea cakes
00:36:30 Sergey's tea spaces and life challenges
00:40:03 Worst cup of tea
00:43:30 Tea is not just consumption
00:44:14 Worst tea experience
00:45:06 MacDonald's call us! :)
00:50:00 Worst tea experience part 2
00:56:45 Conclusion. Also philosophical.

Sensorama tour. HU, SLO, AT, CZ.

With my friend German Popov, we visited several countries - Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic with a special performances series - SENSORAMA. Travel notes on the beginning of a great journey!

Sensorama is a multi sensorial event, where music, smell and taste as well as other senses are juxtaposed with one another. For this purpose German Popov a.k.a. OMFO - musician multi-instrumentalist and Sergey Shevelev - tea culture ambassador are going to join efforts in order to provide an intimate atmosphere and conditions to achieve this goal.

Visitors got an exclusive selection of high quality tea from Sergey’s collection, that was served in the original ceramic pots and cups. OMFO provided musical accompaniment with a number of rare musical instruments from Far East and Central Asia (kuray, dutar, ba wu, mouth harp, nay and others).

In Budapest we had a special guest - Éva Kanalas, who is singer, collector, sound researcher, documentary filmmaker.

In Vienna, to Sensorama joined famous Tuva singer Sainkho, with her indescribable energy of shamanistic obsession.

In Prague, Turkmen musician Allamurad Rakhimov joined us.

German Popov is a musician-multi instrumentalist, composer, sound artist and researcher.

Sergey Shevelev share some rare and exclusive teas from personal collection and tell stories about tea philosophy and culture.

00:00:00 What does it means SENSORAMA
00:03:28 Czech Republic
00:05:07 Budapest
00:07:24 First session with German Popov
00:09:40 To the border with Slovakia
00:13:55 Hungaria sessions
00:19:05 Bratislava
00:23:55 Vienna
00:27:13 Prague

International Support Line & worldwide FREE delivery:
Telegram Support Line: @moychayfirstofficer

David Veal - European Speciality Tea Association

An interview with CEO of ESTA at Horeca Expo in Belgium. We discussed the fundamentals and basics of tea networking, talked about the past and the future of the tea business, about the opportunities offered by the crisis and agreed to meet in UK soon as a partners in Association.

Amsterdam branch:

International Support Line & worldwide FREE delivery:
Telegram Support Line: @moychayfirstofficer

00:00:00 Greetings from Horeca Expo, Belgium
00:00:27 Introduction to European Tea Association
00:02:29 Potential of tea specialty market
00:05:21 Tea barista challenge
00:07:25 Raising the standards of tea
00:08:00 Members of the association: who are they?
00:08:25 ESTA Program for the following years
00:11:28 What is the potential for tea market?
00:13:55 The crisis presents opportunities
00:17:00 Building tea community

Uzbekistan travel. Live notes.

A quick, refreshing trip to incredibly beautiful Uzbekistan. Travel notes, thoughts and impressions!

Amsterdam branch:

International Support Line & worldwide FREE delivery:
Telegram Support Line: @moychayfirstofficer

00:00:00 Sergey's introduction from Tashkent
00:02:54 Note about Korean community in Uzbekistan
00:05:28 Charvak Reservoir
00:06:30 Back to Tashkent
00:09:33 Samarkand and Madrasa
00:14:30 Amir Temur mausoleum
00:16:41 Bazaar and flea market
00:20:46 Sergey's paradise
00:21:29 Closing words

Germany. Tea in Hamburg.

Express day trip through the tea stores of Hamburg. Travel notes about the city, the atmosphere and the tea culture in Germany.

Amsterdam branch:

International Support Line & worldwide FREE delivery:
Telegram Support Line: @moychayfirstofficer

00:00:00 On the way to Hamburg
00:01:01 Some words about Hamburg tea culture
00:04:53 First tea shop on the way
00:08:32 Tea degustation
00:11:05 Second tea shop
00:12:45 Another tea shop on the way
00:14:11 Hamburg sunset on the channel

Georgian tea. tea plantation

A great overview film about our factory in Georgia. We talk about the stages of tea preparation, work on the plantation and taste our tea. This is just the beginning, but we're already waiting for you to visit!

Amsterdam branch:

International Support Line & worldwide FREE delivery:
Telegram Support Line: @moychayfirstofficer

00:00:00 Gathering on the factory
00:02:12 White tea degustation
00:03:19 Ozurgeti plantation
00:08:45 Production stage on the factory
00:09:14 Sea side
00:11:27 Walking around factory
00:16:43 Rolling and drying tea
00:18:42 Starting another production
00:19:14 Green tea processing
00:22:46 Rolling green tea
00:26:18 First results degustation
00:30:46 Cleaning our plantation
00:37:42 Coming back to the factory
00:38:45 Factory: early morning

Polar Ural Hiking

Sometimes we hunt not only for tea, but also for inspiration! This time we found it in the Ural Mountains. The Ural Mountains run from Kazakhstan to the southern Yamal Peninsula. They form geographical border between Europe and Asia. We did great atmospheric hiking trip, with backpacks and best friends.

Amsterdam branch:

00:00:00 Airport thoughts
00:01:26 Salekhard: from airport to the city
00:03:49 Passing Labytnangi city
00:04:56 Tundra begun
00:09:48 First camping
00:17:00 Road talks
00:19:40 Special hiking landmark
00:27:42 How we drink tea on the road
00:34:20 Rules of camping
00:38:45 Nomads camp
00:50:27 Back to Salekhard city

Summer Tea Session in Amsterdam

One of the warmest meetings of the past summer in our main Tea Club in Europe. We talked about gaba teas and the processes involved. As always we discussed a lot old aged teas and tasted exclusive samples from Switzerland, Thailand and Georgia.

Amsterdam branch:

International Support Line & worldwide FREE delivery:
Telegram Support Line: @moychayfirstofficer

00:00:00 Sergey's introduction
00:03:07 Japanese Green Gaba Tea
00:05:47 Gaba Dali Foxiang Shaiqing Cha
00:13:14 Georgian Black Tea from Ozurgeti
00:19:50 Lao Maojian, 2005 aged Green Tea from Hunan Province
00:32:30 Aged Oolong from Tailand
00:34:07 Chiang Mai Gui Fei Oolong
00:38:10 Experimental Red Gaba Tea from
00:41:29 Gaba Shu Puer (Moychay experimental)
00:44:36 Thailand gaba oolong tea
00:50:19 Yellow Organic Tea
00:55:05 1993 Taiwanese Oolong Mao Xie
01:05:50 Sheng Puer, Moychay storage and production 2011

Sergey Shevelev tea masterclass. Deep into tea, tasting 17 types of tea.

It was a long tea tasting and talking about tea production from around the world, my book Geography of Chinese Tea, opening tea clubs and factories, my second book Tea Culture, tea ceremonies and tea traditions, etc., etc. Tea is a world heritage, and we never know what a long tasting might turn out to be...)

Amsterdam branch:

International Support Line & worldwide FREE delivery:
Telegram Support Line: @moychayfirstofficer

00:00:00 First tea, introduction, tea utensils
00:08:07 Gaba Assam Hong Cha
00:12:07 Assam stories and what is Gaba tea
00:17:25 Organic black Chinese tea
00:21:35 Turkish tea production
00:23:30 Black tea and red tea
00:25:30 Georgian tea from Ozurgeti
00:30:27 About moychay tea factory in Thailand
00:36:25 Aged Sheng Puer 2003
00:44:36 Thailand gaba oolong tea
00:48:48 Wuyishan oolong tea
01:01:00 Chao Cha roasted Chinese tea
01:09:50 Organic Shu Puer 2016
01:20:14 Assam Thai Sheng Puer
01:35:14 Jinmai Sheng Cha
01:43:49 Gu shu sheng puer 2021
01:53:45 Gaoshan Yongde sheng puer
02:19:46 Simple shu puer to refresh
02:35:10 Age of modern tea culture
02:39:13 Mengku Lao Shu Cha 2005