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What is money-box?

This is cash-back system for active and regular customers. Money comes to Money-box after you made an order and counts following ways:

  • if the client has discount less then 10% it comes 2% of order amount to the Money-box;
  • if the client has discount from 10% to 15% it comes 1% of order amount to the Money-box
Also you can get gift to the Money-box due to activity at social networks, and others. Follow the news.

You can use savings from the Money-box for payment any part of the order or the entire order as a whole.

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Action! Russian tea seeds as a gift!

In the endless bustle of winter weekdays, we so lack unity with natural greenery. Therefore, we decided to create micro tea gardens with your help, dear friends!

When placing an order on our website for an amount of 2,000 rubles or more, three tea seeds will be sent to you in a tea package! In the order comment, write the phrase "tea seeds."

The homeland of these tea seeds is the Krasnodar District.

Real Russian tea in our assortment!

Tea bush is quite picky about the maintenance. But nothing is impossible!!! So, for germination of tea seeds it is necessary:

1. Soak them for 1 day in water at room temperature. It is advisable to take water that is not chlorinated.

2. To accelerate germination, the shell of the tea seed must be broken: carefully pierce, cut or scratch. If you are afraid of harming the future sprout, you can not do this – it will sprout, but longer in time.

3. You can germinate the seeds in a small container, an ordinary plastic cup with a hole in the bottom will do.

4. Take loose and sour soil for planting. Tea in nature grows on acidic soils (Ph 3-4). As a soil, you can use acid peat mixed with coarse sand or any other baking powder (perlite, vermiculite, etc.). Ready soil for Azaleas and Rhododendrons with baking powder is also suitable.

5. Landing. Put drainage on the bottom of the tank and fill the soil, pour it as it should. Make a small indentation with your finger and lay the seed with the eye down or sideways (the root will grow from there), do not sprinkle the soil strongly, only to hide the seed. And once again fill the ground with water.

6. Cover the pot with plastic wrap or bag to create a greenhouse.

7. Germination temperature 22-23°C.

8. Landing is over. Do not forget to air the greenhouse once every 1-2 days. Keep the soil moist, but not flooded.

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Эх, только получил заказ почти на 3к и только после онлайн дегустации с Сергеем Шевелевым узнал, что всё-таки появились семена чая,жаль

Is comment useful? true 0

Добрый день. Семена получили, будем выращивать свое маленькое чайное дерево. Спасибо за приятные новогодние подарки. Удачи и процветания Вашему бизнесу. Поздравляем с наступающими праздниками. Очень рады, что открыли для себя Вашу компанию.

Is comment useful? true 1
Чай/ный Ученик

Добрый вечер уважаемый М.Ч. давно не делал заказы и хочу узнать будет ли какая то новогодняя акция?очень ждем чего то интересного, как подарка от деда мороза.думаю многие меня поддержат!!!
Спасибо большое за то что всегда радуете своих друзей по чаю!
Может быть будет что нибудь для обладателей статуса" Platinum"

Is comment useful? true 1
Ведмедик Клещаногий

Будет, конечно, но их заранее не объявляют. И акции в ВК ск. всего тоже.