Schedule of online broadcasts and events in Tea Clubs from August 2 to August 8, 2021

Лента новостей и медиа 03.08.2021

📽Friday, August 6, 13:00
How tea helps to make a movie.
Interview with Ivan Pomorin, a cameraman and teacher.
Join us on the MoychayLive channel


📽Friday, August 6, 18:00
Stream "White tea production technology"
Host-Mikhail Gvozdevich
Join us on the MoychayLive channel Tea Club on Bakuninskaya Street


📽👺August 5, Thursday, 19:00
"Japanese shamanism: divination and ecstasy."
At the lecture of the Japanese cultural scientist Nina Voronina, we will talk about the phenomenon of shamanism in general and learn how shamans in Japan - ancient and modern-guess and prophesy, what tools they use - and how these practices are reflected in modern times.
The cost of participation is 700 rubles (we treat you to tea)
The number of guests is limited, we recommend that you make an appointment by phone +7 9257750464, you can also join the broadcast on the Moychay Live channel


‼Saturday, August 7, 13:00
"Attention. Research practice."
Dear friends, we invite you to a meeting dedicated to the study of attention.
What will happen?
- the practice of exploring your own perception;
- practice of being present in the current moment;
- attention management practices for changing perception.
What for?
For a real transition to self-reliance, it is important to find out what forms me and around which core I build my integrity.
The cost of participation is 1000 rubles.
The number of guests is limited, we recommend making an appointment by phone +7 9257750464


☕Sunday, August 8, 13:00
We invite you to a tasting in the pin cha format. The program includes two varieties: Yiwu Sheng Bin and Xi Ping Lao Te Guanyin.
The cost of participation is 750 rubles.
Pre-registration is required:
+7 9257750464
The host is tea master Yevgenia Pryadko.



Metro Baumanskaya, Bakuninskaya Street, 14, Bldg 1, room 7 (daily from 11:30 to 22:00)
tel. - +7 925 775-04-66


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