Schedule of online broadcasts and events in Tea Clubs from October 11 to 17, 2021

Лента новостей и медиа 10.10.2021

🌿🎥Friday, October 15, 16:00

Stream with Mikhail Gvozdevich
Technology of production of highly fermented oolongs. Wuishan. Part 2.
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🎸🎤October 12, Tuesday, 19:00
Ilya Sokovnin
Evening of singing poems
Musical and poetic concert
Flutes, poems, songs🕯

Dear friends, we invite you to the autumn concert of the traveling musician-improviser Ilya Sokovnin.
The program of the evening will consist of poems and songs by outstanding authors: Bulat Okudzhava and Alexander Vertinsky, Arseny Tarkovsky and Herman Hesse, Konstantin Yudichev and Boris Grebenshchikov, especially beloved by our guests.
There is no point in telling about the genre of "Singing Poems" - it is better to listen to audio recordings. How not to convey the taste of tea in words, and not to convey the soulfulness of music.
The cost of participation is 800 rubles (tea is included)
It is mandatory to record by phone:
+7 495 650 24 58


🎸🎴Friday, October 15, 19:00
Guitar minimalism
Sö (Semyon Korenkovich)
"Through the branches of trees"

Semyon Korenkovich is a musician from Kaluga, for more than 10 years of active music-making, tried his hand at various electronic and acoustic projects of varying degrees of experimentation, released his own and other people's music on his own independent label.

At the moment, the musician presents to your attention the acoustic program "Through the branches of trees" of his new project "Chamomile and Melissa".
The creation of compositions within the framework of the project is inspired by Japanese minimalists and meditative-contemplative moods.
The simple and elusive beauty of every moment in the shell of extremely restrained guitar arrangements, immersing in a special soothing atmosphere.

The cost of participation is 600 rubles (tea is included) + donation to the musician
Recording is required:
+7 495 650 24 58

We are waiting for you at:
Tea Culture Club, Pushkinskaya m., Malaya Dmitrovka str., 24/2 p.2, entrance from the courtyard from Malaya Dmitrovka str.
tel. - +7 495 650 24 58, +7 925 695 59 58 ( every day from 10:00 to 00:00)

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