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Events from September 12 to 18, 2022

Club on Malaya Dmitrovka


September 15, Thursday, 19:00
Comparative tasting of herbs

You will get acquainted with the herbs collected by Alexandra Kormacheva in the Tula and Moscow regions, as well as the herbal treasures of the Moychai collection.
We dive into the world of plants of our native land - we get acquainted, make friends, listen to the unique sound of each plant, study its properties.

The presenter is Alexandra Kormacheva, the organizer of the campaigns "In the kingdom of plants", in the tea movement since 2004.
The cost of participation is 1000 rubles


Friday, September 16, 20:00
Evening of Japanese music "Kotonone"

Koto is a Japanese zither, the origin of which is covered with legends, and its sounds are prescribed a sacred effect.
koto has amazing opportunities to imitate the sounds of nature, which allows the listener to literally see the landscapes that sound draws.
The Kotonone concert - "the sound of koto" - will demonstrate a variety of sounds, techniques, images that only one instrument can show. Pieces by Japanese composers Miyagi Michio, Tadao Sawai, Yoshizaki Katsuhiko performed by Natalia Kiryushina will be performed.

Musician - Natalia Kiryushina 
The cost of participation is 1000 rubles (including tea)


Saturday, September 17, 17:00
Tea meeting with Sergey Shevelev

We brew aged shens and Taiwanese tea from the personal collection of the founder of, as well as fresh tea from Georgia. Sergey will share the latest tea news, talk about new projects and answer questions.
An auction is waiting for you at the meeting! The main lot is tea from Sergey's collection. 

The cost of participation is 2500 rubles


Sunday, September 18, 12:00 - 14:00
Go School

The event plan is designed for 2 hours and includes:
1) Acquaintance of the participants.
2) Introduction to the history and rules of the game of Go.
3) Tea ceremony and first parties.
4) Analysis of parties, exchange of impressions.
5) A group training party with a teacher, consolidating your basic knowledge.
For those interested, there will also be homework at the end, which will help deepen their understanding of Go.
At its core, the game is an international sport and occupies a significant share in the culture of China, Korea and Japan. The game helps to find harmony and balance.

The presenter is Artem Bakin
The cost of participation is 1000 rubles


Tea Culture Club, Pushkinskaya m., Malaya Dmitrovka str., 24/2 p.2, entrance from the courtyard from Malaya Dmitrovka str.
tel. - +7 495 650 24 58, +7 925 695 59 58 ( every day from 10:00 to 23:00)


Club on Bakuninskaya


September 15, Thursday, 19:00
"Japanese evil spirits: instructions for use" 

What should I do if I met a youkai? Don't panic: let's take a closer look at it and work out a strategy.
Japanese folklore can offer interested demonologists a whole assortment of devils for every taste and color: a carnivorous kappa is frolicking in the swamp, and nuri botoke has started in a long-forgotten and untidy temple… How to behave correctly — we will learn at the lecture of the Japanese cultural critic Nina Voronina.

Nina Voronina is a popularizer of science, a culturologist, a teacher of English and Japanese, a graduate of the Department of International Economic Relations of the ISAA of Moscow State University (the language of specialization is Japanese), a student of the course of training and advanced training in the specialty "History of Religions" (RSUH). She studied Japanese at the Faculty of CJL at Waseda University (Tokyo).Duration of the lecture: about 1 hour 45 minutes.
The cost of participation is 1000 rubles (we treat you to tea)


Friday, September 16, 19:00

Lecture "Am I okay?"

Moderator about the lecture:
"In psychiatry there are descriptions of mental pathologies: all kinds of depersonalizations, derealizations, dysmorphia and other gloomy phenomena of our life.
Imagine: a person sits in front of a wiki page that describes the symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), finds a couple and decides that he is an ADHD-positive person, buys himself an appropriate T-shirt with a comic inscription about ADHD (English abbreviation), posts memes about it on social networks. Idilija.

This is a humorous example, any coincidences with reality are accidental. I would call what happened to this man an overdiagnosis, he attributed to himself a pathology that he may not have.
If you want to understand a little better what psychiatry and psychotherapy think about our mental health, what is the difference (suddenly not everyone still knows) between a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist, on what mandatory grounds the method of psychotherapy is based ... And most importantly - how to help yourself understand yourself and take care of yourself, come!

I hope I can calm down those who are worried a little and disturb those who are too calm.
(Ivan Pleshakov is a psychologist, a psychotherapist in the method of positive psychotherapy, more details on the link)

The cost of participation is 1000 rubles (including tea)


Saturday, September 17, 13:00
Ceremonial cooking

This is an exciting way to make tea. 
Ceremonial cooking is considered because the process takes place according to the established rules and the actions are performed in strict order. This method of preparation gives an infusion in which the richness and versatility of tea is revealed. Also, the cooking takes place in a glass teapot and on a live fire, so that the tea party participants observe the beauty of boiling water and brewing tea from beginning to end.
At the meeting you will learn: according to what rules tea is brewed, discover new facets of taste in tea and discuss impressions in the company of like-minded people.  

Let's taste:
Hei Cha Anhua Hong Fu Jin Zhuan 2014.
Shu pu'er from old trees from Menghai 2019.
Sheng Puer Menghai Chen Cang 2007.

Presenter - Tatiana Kupryakova 
Duration - 3 hours


Sunday, September 18, 13:00

Master class with Andrey Akimov "Creating a bowl"

Do you want to know what ceramics are and how it differs from clay? Why isn't any clay suitable? What are the molding methods? And to see how a product is born from clay?

Interesting? Come to visit us to listen to the master and watch the birth of the bowl, which will be made to your order. The bowl created on the MK is included in the ticket price.

Moderator - Andrey Akimov, ceramist, head of ceramics production

Cost of participation: 1500 rubles (we treat you to tea)


❗For all questions related to the events, write to @anastas_chu 


M. Baumanskaya, Bakuninskaya str., 14, building 1, 2nd floor, room No. 7 (every day from 11:30 to 22:00)
tel. - +7 925 775-04-66

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