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Also you can get gift to the Money-box due to activity at social networks, and others. Follow the news.

You can use savings from the Money-box for payment any part of the order or the entire order as a whole.

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Schedule of events in Tea Clubs 16 - 23 September 2019


September 18, Wednesday, 19:00
"Shamanic tales"
Literary and therapeutic evening.
Nikolay Sereda will talk about what the ancient Slavic tradition is, how to distinguish a healer from schizoteric and why no one could overcome the Cossacks of characterists in the entire history of their existence. He will show in practice the healing methods according to the ancient Cossack tradition and teach you to smile at full height.
Nikolai specializes in working with biologically active points and improving the body using the author's method.
"My technique of working with people is a symbiosis
martial arts, psychology and soundhealing.
As practice shows, the main causes of deterioration of a person’s well-being are destructive models in his mind. Often it is difficult for a person to see and realize his nature, and the impact on him from outside, with a certain attunement, helps to detect and eliminate diseases of the body and soul. "
The cost of participation is donation.
We treat herbal gathering.

September 20, Friday, 19:00
Xiangqi game basics
Teacher Yurchenko Pavel
At present, Chinese chess has gained a notable distribution throughout the world. If we take into account only the Chinese, it turns out that at least 500 million people play at least xiangqi.
Xiangqi is a national game that has absorbed the history and features of the Chinese. Therefore, chess is not only a game, but also one of the ways of understanding the history of the country and the soul of its people.
In the introductory lesson, you will learn about theories of the origin of Xiangqi, features of the translation of the name of the game, figures and basic rules.
Participation fee - 600 rubles (tea treat included)
Mandatory entry: +7 905 538-62-13
The number of sets for the game is limited.

September 21, Saturday, 16:00
Xinhai revolution
Alexander Litvinov (Chinese political scientist)
The following lecture from the series "New and Recent History of China" is a short story-instruction:
- how, with almost universal approval, to overthrow the institution of imperial power, which has existed for more than 15 centuries;
- Who is to blame, what to do and how to escape from the "overseas devils"?
Tell Litvinov Alexander, a political scientist in China.
Participation fee - 500 rubles (tea treat included)

September 21, Saturday, 19:00
Experimental tasting
Hongbei Wuyishan Oolong
Presenter - Evgenia Yeshchenko
Cost of participation - 500 rubles

September 23, Monday, 19:00
How do journalists deceive the audience?
Journalists are usually divided into honest and corrupt. But even honest journalists distort reality, and any media is a crooked mirror.
How the structure of journalism and the principles of its work affect the media picture of the world, and why this media picture is weakly connected with reality, will tell Alexander Kolesnichenko, associate professor of journalism at Moscow State University.
Admission is free (grass treat included)

Address: metro Kurskaya, Pokrovka street, 41
(every day from 11.00 to 23.00)
+7 905 538-62-13 (Please, pay attention that it is possible to get to the event only by phone)
Learn more about



Thursday 19th September, 19:00
Lecture "Lost Worlds. Great Mass Extinctions."
We are all mortal. Animals and plants are mortal. Even ecosystems are mortal. But if individual creatures are mortal “suddenly,” then mass extinctions that destroy entire units and families always have reasons. From the lecture you will learn:
- how oxygen poisoned the planet
- what killed the dinosaurs
- when and how 9/10 marine species disappeared from the face of the Earth
- what happened to the giant sloths
And finally, what remains after them all.
Lecturer - Daria Kozhanova, paleontologist, graduate of the Department of Paleontology, Geological Faculty of Moscow State University
The participation fee is 500 rubles (tea with tea from the category up to 1000 rubles as a gift)
Please note that it is guaranteed to attend events only by registering by phone +7 925 775-04-66 or via Vkontakte

September 21, Saturday, 19:00
Sanchillo Atmosphere Band concert
... fragments of memories, long-forgotten motifs and phrases in a monotonous, charming, rotating space trance of double bass, guitar and drums.
A captivating atmosphere with the Sanchillo Atmoshpere Band.
Sanchillo Atmoshpere Band continues the musical tradition of the amazing zero-year project - The Reputation. The original composition included Igor Vdovchenko, Eugene Sanchillo, Rustam Rakhimov.
The Reputation group lasted from 2002 to 2008, until the tragic death of Igor Vdovchenko. During its existence, two official albums were released and many random recordings were made, which still wander among the fans of the group.
We offer to listen to things from Reputation albums and once again plunge into this fantastic atmosphere at the Sanchillo Atmosphere Band concert - after all, everything continues ...
And we will play among the present a few pleasant gifts.
The cost of participation is 800 rubles (a tea party with a cooked seasoned Sheng Puerh as a gift)
Please note that it is guaranteed to attend events only by registering by phone +7 925 775-04-66 or via Vkontakte
Also in our group you can listen to several concert and studio recordings of the project.

Sunday, September 22, 3 p.m.
Just the equinox.
We celebrate the equinox in Chinese, drink traditional Chinese tea for this holiday and mix and light incense.
The participation fee is 500 rubles.
Attention, the number of participants is limited, you need to record by phone 7 925 775-04-66 or via Vkontakte
metro Baumanskaya, ul. Bakuninskaya 14, building 1, 2 floor, room number 7
(every day from 11:30 to 22:00)
book a seat: +7 925 775-04-66
more information about how to reach us:
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