Events from July 18 to 24, 2022

Лента новостей и медиа 18.07.2022

Club on Bakuninskaya 


July 19, Tuesday, 19:00
Forum "Japanese Tea Tradition"


On Tuesday evening, you will enjoy a conceptual tea ceremony in Japanese style through the prism of Wabi-Sabi aesthetics.

We will hold a forum based on one of the three greatest works in the style of zuihitsu by the famous thinker Kenko Yoshida - "徒然草"
At the end of the forum, an Ultra-Game in digital format will be held and the winner will receive edible prizes in Japanese style.

Presenters - Ivan and Nikita Naoki
The cost of participation is 1000 rubles (including tea)


Saturday, July 23, 15:00
Go School 


Dear friends, at the next lesson of the Go school, we will analyze strategies focused on territory and influence. The exact separation of these concepts and their definition on the board is necessary for the correct reading of the opponent's position and moves. 

It may often be that you lose a small fight and do not know how to recover from the loss. In this lesson, the possibilities of strategic planning of weak and strong forms will be analyzed, which will help to increase your level of play.

Presenter - Artem Bakin 
The cost of participation is 1000 rubles 


Saturday, July 23, 18:00
Hang&Tea Concert


Bakuninskaya has good acoustics, and there have been no concerts for a long time!  Need to fix). We invite you to the performance of Alyona Berdonosova, a member of the group "Turbohangs". The speaker's word:

"Hang is an intuitive music instrument resembling a flying saucer and capable of creating almost any mood.
Hang is used both for meditation and for creating modern DJ sets.
Hanga sounds have a beneficial effect on the inner state and perfectly help to relax.

One day I heard a duet of the Hang Massive group, who were one of the first to promote hang to the masses, and decided to learn their melodies by all means. Thus began my journey of immersion into the multifaceted and infinitely interesting world of intuitive music, which perfectly complements tea ceremonies and meditations.

The performance will feature both covers of well-known melodies and compositions of his own composition, created within the framework of our group "Turbohangs".
At the end, everyone will have the opportunity to try to extract sound on the hang (it's not as obvious as it seems) and feel like an intuitive musician." 

Musician - Alyona Berdonosova
The cost of participation is a tea party with your chosen tea.

To participate, an entry is required: +7 925 775-04-66 or @MaximShman (the number of seats is limited)


Sunday, July 24, 13:00
Comparative tasting of matcha


In the program of the event:
- the origin of powdered tea, the spread of the tea ceremony;
- tea schools of Japan;
- tea utensils and features of its choice;
- proportions of thick and liquid tea, tasting of usu-cha of various grades.
Bonus - tasting of matcha Uji.
The tasting will be accompanied by the presentation of traditional sweets and stories from history and personal practice corresponding to the topic of the meeting.

Presenter - Evgenia Pryadko
The cost of participation is 1000 rubles. 

For events on Bakuninskaya @MaximShman


M. Baumanskaya, Bakuninskaya str., 14, building 1, 2nd floor, room No. 7 (every day from 11:30 to 22:00)
tel. - +7 925 775-04-66

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