Schedule of events in Tea Clubs 18-24 November, 2019

Лента новостей и медиа 18.11.2019


November 19, Tuesday, 19:00
Tasting: "Why is it so expensive?"
Brewing in collectible teapots Xu Xue Jun
"Why so expensive?" - One of the most common questions that arise when getting acquainted with collectible teapots. What is their "collection" and uniqueness we will analyze on Tuesday, in the tea room on Malaya Dmitrovka. Consider the value of master dummies by brewing Wuyi and highland Taiwan oolongs. The main highlight of the program is the teapots of the master of fine arts Xu Xue Jun.
Tea Master - Artem Gonikov
Cost of participation - 500 rubles
Registration is required by phone: +7 495 650 24 58

Adress: metro Pushkinskaya, Malaya Dmitrovks str., 24/2 build.2, entrance from the yard from the street Malaya Dmitrovka (daily from 10:00 till 00:00). more information about how to reach us:
tel. - +7 495 650 24 58 


November 20, Wednesday, 19:00
Lecturer: Valery Sobolev, Ph.D. neuromorphology laboratories,
Department of Brain Research, Scientific Center of Neurology
"The brain is Me and a little more."
What is the brain, what does it consist of, what is sick (Parkinsonism, Alzheimer, etc.), what makes the human brain so special, where it contains our “I”, our consciousness and our own decisions. Why is the brain still the most complex object in the universe.
Why there will be no transfer of consciousness in the foreseeable future, although the analogy of the brain with computers is used constantly, remaining untrue. And why cannot we do without this analogy ....
Free admission
Pre-registration is desirable.

Thursday, November 21, 19:00
Opening of the exhibition of Julia Hovhannisyan
"Tea motifs"
The artist's works are presented in two printing graphic techniques: silk-screen printing and lithography.
At the opening of the exhibition, we will treat you with tea and stories - about paintings and more! You are waiting for a “crazy tea party” at the Martian Hare, a railroad journey south with a tea bag in a glass with a cup holder and a mandatory tinkling spoon, Michal-Potapych in his pooled hut, who is sad about the insidiously left Mashenka ... and many other amazing things plots.
Julia Hovhannisyan - Member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the Creative Union “Irida”, scientific editor of the publishing house “MiF”. Engaged in painting, graphics, ceramics and small plastic. Her main interest in art is to find a visual key for each phenomenon, reflecting it in the most suitable technique.
Free admission
Advance registration required

Saturday, November 23, 19:00
Shogi Basics (Japanese chess)
Teacher Yurchenko Pavel
Participation fee - 500 rubles (tea treat included)
Mandatory entry: +7 905 538-62-13
The number of sets of Japanese chess is limited.

Sunday, November 24th, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Master class in ceramics from the project "Inside Ceramics"
In the third lesson, we will learn how to make a teapot for the Chinese tea ceremony from white clay MKF2, which is ideal for hand sculpting and very plastic.
We will cover the product with ceramic paints, select the color and symbolism.
Angoba is bright pigments + clay, reminiscent of gouache in texture and color. Paint allows you to make fine text and ornamentation.
After that, we cover the products with transparent glaze and give them for firing. Glaze is a liquid glass, so the products will be waterproof, and your decor will be bright and will not be erased.
In the space of, a tea ceremony awaits you during the entire process of creativity. Realize your fantasies and create unique tea ware.
Leading MK: Evgenia Kocheshkova, Mikhail Gelin.
"We have been engaged in authorial ceramics for more than 10 years, on the basis of art and architectural higher education."
Our work can be found in vk
The participation fee is 1100 rubles (includes all materials, tea drinking, product firing).
Mandatory pre-registration by phone +7 905 538-62-13.

Address: metro Kurskaya, Pokrovka street, 41
(every day from 11.00 to 23.00)
+7 905 538-62-13 (Please, pay attention that it is possible to get to the event only by phone)
Learn more about 


November 19, Tuesday, 19:00
3 ways to brew tea.
Tea master Eugene Pryadko will sublimate tea for you in a siphon, make it infusion in the Uzbek way and pour it with the pin cha method. Waiting for you!
Cost of participation - 400 rubles
Attention, the number of participants is limited, you need to record by phone 7 925 775-04-66 (from 11.30 to 22.00) or via Vkontakte

Friday 22, November 19:00
Meeting with sound engineer Natalia Radina.
Brief program of the meeting:
- sound engineering: how our ears are deceiving;
- when the movie ceased to be dumb;
- what is a foley and how does it crunch;
- sound design - how to make Godzilla from a hanger;
- a bit about gameaudio.
The participation fee is 500 rubles (tea with tea from the category up to 1000 rubles as a gift)
Attention, the number of participants is limited, you need to record by phone 7 925 775-04-66 (from 11.30 to 22.00) or via Vkontakte

Sunday, November 24, 3 p.m.
Tasting of two types of matcha (match), prepared according to the classic Japanese tradition. In addition to preparing the match, tea master Eugene Pryadko will talk about
the tools necessary for Japanese tea drinking and working with them, about the difference between matcha in powder and powder, as well as the history of this type of tea.
The participation fee is 500 rubles.
Attention, the number of participants is limited, you need to record by phone 7 925 775-04-66 (from 11.30 to 22.00) or via Vkontakte

metro Baumanskaya, ul. Bakuninskaya 14, building 1, 2 floor, room number 7
(every day from 11:30 to 22:00)
book a seat: +7 925 775-04-66
more information about how to reach us:


Saturday, November 23, all day from 9:00 to 21:00
Tasting new items from - Te Guan Yin Shu Puer.
No entry required
The cost of tea drinking is 200 rubles.

Sunday, November 24, all day from 9:00 to 21:00
Tasting new herbs from
No entry required
The cost of the drink is 200 rubles.
Upon purchase of 3 pieces or more grass collection in a tile - tea drinking as a gift.


m. Tula, st. Mytnaya 74, Danilovsky Market (every day from 8:00 to 21:00)

Our tea island is located to the left of the main entrance, opposite Vietnamese pho bo cuisine.
tel. - +7 958 756 88 58


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