Schedule of events from May 23 to May 29, 2022

Лента новостей и медиа 24.05.2022

🧧  Tea Club on Bakuninskaya Street🧧


Thursday, May 26, 19:00
Lecture "Japanese Mountain Cult: Why worship a volcano"


Mount Fuji (3776 meters) is one of the highest and most beautiful peaks in Japan, but, in addition, it is an active volcano. Despite its destructive potential, Fuji attracts a huge number of Japanese: every year tens and hundreds of thousands of people in Japan rush to its peak — for an ordinary walk, or on a pilgrimage? 

At the lecture, we will talk about how the Japanese cult of mountains was formed, and why Fuji and all the territories around it are really considered sacred; we will get acquainted with the Japanese gods-mountain guardians; and in the end, we will turn our gaze to the forests and plains more familiar to us and try to understand what cults are formed in them.

The lecture is about 1.5 hours, plus about half an hour the lecturer takes away for questions.
Nina Voronina, a Japanese scholar and anthropologist of religion, reads.

The cost of participation is 800 rubles (we treat you to tea)
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Saturday, May 28, 12:00
⚫⚪​​Dear friends, the Go school is back in our tea club! 

The teacher Artem Bakin invites you to the first lesson on Saturday.

In the plans:
1) A dynamic start with the development of the rules, passing into the introductory game. On it you will immediately try out your vision of the game in action 🤟😎👍
2) Then comes the training party, in which your primary skillset will be improved 🤠
3) The completion of the base will be familiarity with the ladder scheme of development in the game. Without any exams, you can grow your game skill from 25 to 1 kyu 😳

Experienced players will be interested in polishing the Go base, which will help develop your skill further. 

The cost of participation is 1000 rubles, including tea. 
Duration - 4 hours
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Sunday, May 29, 13:00 
🐮Milk tea tasting


Dear like-minded people and like-minded friends!
This Sunday we will start brewing teas with milk. And don't say you haven't seen it-we know! Most likely they have not seen and have not tried😉
The host of the tasting, Evgenia Pryadko, promises three recipes: Indian, Mongolian and a "Far Eastern surprise" with nuts (we don't know what it is, but she masterfully hides the secret).
In any case, it will be delicious and informative!The cost of participation is 1000 rubles
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Sunday, May 29, 16:00 
✨The ancient board game LILA


Dear friends! We invite you to participate in the next meeting dedicated to the game LILA. Lila (Sanskrit: līlā, IAST: līlā) is an Indian board game, the date of its appearance is unknown, first described by Harish Johari in 1980 in his book. The game is based on the philosophical concept of lila, is a tool for observing the patterns of random events in life. 

Description of the game:
Roll the dice and go through the map level by level. Everything is like in life: birth, exploration of one's self and desires, development, search for truth, connection with spirituality.
The game has no winners or losers. Under the guidance of the presenter, you explore yourself, learning step by step.
After the game, you will have notes to think about your path and acquired discoveries. And, if necessary, continue your game LILA.

The cost of participation is 2000 rubles. You will have a tea ceremony with a change of two teas and a treat.
Duration - 3 hours.
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❓For all questions, write to VK ( )
or Telegram - @MaximShman⚜️


M. Baumanskaya, Bakuninskaya str., 14, building 1, 2nd floor, room No. 7
tel.: +7 925 775-04-66

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