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What is money-box?

This is cash-back system for active and regular customers. Money comes to Money-box after you made an order and counts following ways:

  • if the client has discount less then 10% it comes 2% of order amount to the Money-box;
  • if the client has discount from 10% to 15% it comes 1% of order amount to the Money-box
Also you can get gift to the Money-box due to activity at social networks, and others. Follow the news.

You can use savings from the Money-box for payment any part of the order or the entire order as a whole.

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Tasting on June 9 in the center of martial arts "Moscow Kodokan"

Dear friends!

On Saturday, June 9, at 19.00 a big tasting meeting with the head of the project Sergey Shevelev at the "Moscow Kodokan" Center for Oriental Combats will be held!

The program includes tasting fresh Taiwanese spring tea from Alishan, Hsinchu, Dundin, Lishan, Shanlinxi and other places, tasting this year's competitive teas, oolong traditional and not very processed, red teas, aged sheng pueras of Taiwanese storage.
In addition, there will be surprises and exclusive teas - as always!
Do not miss!

The participation fee is 1000 rubles.
The owners of any discount card or discount account on the site - 800 rubles. The discount is valid for two guests.
For mentors of the National Academy of Budo free admission!

The tasting will last three hours. During the break, guests will be offered refreshments.

BEFORE tasting, we strongly recommend you to eat as you like. Drinking plenty of tea on an empty stomach is highly discouraged!

Address: Moscow, Chistye Prudy metro station, Chistoprudny boulevard, 14, building 1. Website -
Moscow Kodokan on the map -

Recording is not required, but if you want to sit with maximum comfort, we recommend arriving on time or even a little beforehand.

We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the simple rules of our Tea Club:, which also cover a tasting in the Moscow Kodokan

Waiting for you!

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