Updating the content policy Moychay.com

Лента новостей и медиа 03.07.2020

Dear friends,
we are happy to inform You that it is time for updates on all fronts!


First of all this will affect YouTube
channel Teapot Prolive, which is now renamed Moychay Live.
Now it will be easier for You to find interesting materials compiled after traveling to China and other countries, watch streams with the participation of our artists and their guests, and various creative videos. 


The new Moychay Teaware channel will function as a "technical" channel. Here you can watch videos of spills of a particular teapot from our range and user characteristics of other teapots.


We remind you that the channel Sergey Moychay has been created for the English-speaking audience, where videos with professional dubbing and subtitles are presented.

And of course our most important channel - Sergey Shevelev - continues to please subscribers with new video materials.

Our product range will expand within a few weeks. From China, we expect a large supply of various varieties of tea, as well as dishes!

In addition, you will be pleased with an interesting update of wood-fired ceramics produced by Moychay.com


Thank you for being with us!
With love, Moychay.com team.

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