Summer Sale!

Лента новостей и медиа 05.07.2018

Summer Sale! We sell 300 thousand rubles, free shipping around the world, and a GIFT for every order from 3000 rubles!

Dear friends!
Hot and sunny summer is the best time for tea drinking in nature. Good tea should be a lot, and therefore again gives presents!

🎁 When buying for the amount of 3000 rubles per gift, you will receive 500 rubles to your money box and free delivery across Russia!

🎁 When buying for the amount of 8000 rubles (or $ 120), as a gift you will receive 1500 rubles to your money box and free delivery in Russia and all over the world!

The promotion is valid from the first minute of July 5, 2018 to the last minute of July 13, 2018.

Reqired conditions for participation in the action: 
🍃Availability in the commentary to the order on the site of the codeword "July"*** 
🍃Account on the main or regional sites (unregistered users do not accrue a money box). 
🍃Free delivery from Moscow and St. Petersburg is carried out only in those cities where there are no our tea clubs. If your city has our tea club - make an order on the site of your city with delivery around the city or by self-delivery.

Only online orders, made on the main or regional sites of, participate in the promotion, by the following delivery methods: 

🍃Local delivery (Russian post), prepayment 
🍃Standard International Shipping 
🍃Pick up 
🍃Courier delivery to cities where there are our Tea Clubs

Make orders in our stores: 


Regional stores (courier delivery by city, or pick up): 




🚀 5 prizes of 10 000 (ten thousand) rubles 
🚀 500 prizes of 500 rubles each 

The amount of the winnings will be credited to the money box on the website

To participate in the act you need to: 

✏ repost this record to your wall
✏ to fix a record on your wall for the entire period of the action
✏ subscription to our public @moychayru 
✏ Your wall should not be spammed with a huge number of reposts. Your page should be real.** 

Summing up the results of the action - July 13, 2018, using a random number generator 


* You may use the money box only after registration on the site The summ from the money box can be used to pay for any order - in whole or in part. Nuance, about the use of PREVIOUS accumulated (or won in other promotions) money box in the framework of this action. Example: if you need the system to calculate the order for 8,300 rubles and make free delivery around the world, it is necessary that the moneybox is paid no more than 300 rubles from this order. If the amount of "living" money paid for an order is less than 8000, the system will treat this as an order for less than 8,000 rubles. It means thay "money box" summ of the promotion order is not considered by the system. They can pay extra and buy more than the minimum amount. Of course, this applies only to use within the campaign. If you just want to spend the money box, then you CAN pay for the order at least completely with a money box, just this order will not participate in this promotion. 
** You can have few friends or records, but in case of suspicion of the reality of the page, we reserve the right to verify the identity.
***Please note that none of the Tea Club employees will be able to correct the mistake made by you in the commentary, and also write it for you. If you make a mistake or do not specify a comment on the order, the automatic system will take this as your refusal to participate in the promotion.

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