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Events for the week of August 7 - 13

August 8, Tuesday, 19:00 Tasting "One tea - three flavors"

August 10, Thursday, 20:00 Lecture "Where does love grow from?"

August 11, Friday, 19:00 Lecture "Legends of Soviet floriculture"

August 11, Friday, 19:00 "Gaba TEArapia" tasting

August 12, Saturday, 13:00 Tasting "Tasting "The Dark Side of Fujian"

August 12, Saturday, 17:00 Master class "Go-meetings"

August 12, Saturday, 17:00 Tasting "New Guangdong Oolong"

August 13, Sunday, 13:00 Tasting "Understanding Chao cha"


🧧 Club on Arbat

August 10, Thursday, 20:00
Lecture "Where does love grow from?"
Host - Artyom Bakin

Why does love grow out of sex?

During the meeting, a sexologist, Artyom Bakin, will analyze the nuances of people's relationships. You will learn ways to build, develop, and end romantic relationships.

Many psychologists mistakenly merge the concepts of love and sex when in fact they are separate. This will help you understand more deeply with whom, how and why you build relationships, or refuse them.

By the end of the two-hour meeting, you will have gained a deeper understanding of love, which will allow you to feel better about your partner. At the end, you can ask all your questions and learn how to realize any of your sexual fantasies.


August 11, Friday, 19:00
Tasting "Gaba TEArapia"
Host - Stanislav Suleymanov

Friday tea party.
We relieve stress and fatigue of the working week together: we drink gaba teas from our assortment, listen to beautiful music, communicate, and have a good time.


August 12, Saturday, 17:00

Tasting "New Guangdong Oolong"

Host - Nikita Gumnin

We invite you to a tasting of Guangdong oolongs, which have recently replenished our range, at the tea club on the Arbat. Together we will explore the world of these bright, elegant and perfumery oolongs, discuss their features, technology and carefully try three varieties.

Dancong Gaoshan Oolong

Xue Baxian

Chun You Ye Dancong


🧧 Club on Baumanskaya

August 8, Tuesday, 19:00
Tasting "One tea - three flavors"
Host - Maxim Shman

Does the method of making tea affect the taste and aroma?
Of course, yes. But how exactly - will be able to find out those who came to the tasting "One tea - three tastes" on Bakuninskaya.
Let's boil, infuse with cold infusion (Cold Brew) and drink Jingmai Bai Cha 2021 straits.


August 11, Friday, 19:00
Lecture "Legends of Soviet floriculture"
Host - Maria Polyakova

In Soviet times, pelargoniums with pink flowers, violets with blue flowers and useful aloe grew on almost every windowsill. At the first lecture of the cycle "Legends of Soviet Floriculture" we will talk with you about "Krapivka" (Coleus) and "Pike tail" (Sansevieria). Agronomist and botanist Maria Polyakova will tell you about where they came from on our windowsills, what they are, how to make them and your life better with their help.
We will also drink delicious Chinese tea, and you can take cuttings of these plants with you :)

Host - Maria Polyakova, agronomist and botanist

The cost of participation is free, donations to the lecturer are welcome. Registration required to participate - email @MaximShman


August 12, Saturday, 13:00
Tasting "Tasting "The Dark Side of Fujian"
Host - Andrey Romanovsky

Everyone knows Southern Fujian Oolongs such as Tie Guan Yin and Mao Xie. They are loved for their freshness, fruit and vegetable notes in the aroma and lightness.
But few people know how Tie Guan Yin used to be made, just like many other teas, forgotten over time by most people. However, they were remembered by farmers of the old school, who continued to make teas according to the old technology, roasting them many times and keeping them in warehouses for several years.

At this tasting, you will taste 4 high heat South Fujian oolongs, learn their cooking methods, and also why they have been so unfairly forgotten.

List of teas:
Xiping Lao Tie Guan Yin

Tulou Lao Oolong

Anxi Hei Tie Guanyin

Pinghe Laowei Peiho Oolong


August 12, Saturday, 17:00
Master class "Go-meetings"
Host - Anna Morozova

Dear friends, we invite all Go lovers to a meeting for beginners.

Go is the oldest strategy game that originated several millennia ago in China. The rules of Go can be mastered in a few minutes, and perfecting the art takes a lifetime.

The game of Go is more than just a game. This is an opportunity to get to know yourself better, learn to see opportunities and choose the best moves, in the game and in life.

For those who are already familiar with Go, let's continue joseki, we will analyze options focused on guaranteed obtaining of territory.
We will talk about how to gain points without losing all influence, development strategies and common options in the territorial play style. And, of course, we will apply knowledge in practice - in solving problems and playing.

The game of Go and the tea ceremony complement each other perfectly. The aroma of tea, the tactile pleasure of touching the stones and placing them on the goban, the search for balance and equilibrium - all this will become a pleasant journey deep into the oriental culture.


August 13, Sunday, 13:00
Tasting "Understanding Chao Cha"
Presenter - Evgenia Pryadko

Dear singles!
We invite you to a tasting of three unusual Guangdong Oolong teas made using the ancient technology of Chao Cha.
Chao Cha is a tea processing technology that dates back to the Ming Dynasty and has survived unchanged to this day.

Teas for tasting:

Tu Shuxian Chao Cha, 2018

Chao Cha Bai Ye Ya, 2022

And something else from the stocks of the master from the old Moychay collection;)


🧧 Chistye Prudy

August 13, Sunday, 17:00

Tasting "Three springs of four seasons"

Host - Alexander Zhdankov

Refreshing the summer heat with light Taiwanese oolongs, we will gradually get acquainted with their older brother, Lao Cha.

Si Zi Chun Dong Pian

Si Zi Chun Tangbei

Lao Si Zi Chun



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