Cashback from Moychay

Лента новостей и медиа 13.02.2024

From February 15 till 20 you'll receive cashback:

⁃ order from 5,000 rubles - 600 rubles to the moneybox in your Moychay personal account;
⁃ order from 10,000 rubles - 1,600 rubles. to the moneybox in your Moychay personal account.

To receive cashback, you should write the promocode SPRING to the comment field in your order.

The promotion is valid throughout Russia, orders can be placed in all Moychay online stores!

Enjoy your tea and nice cashback!


- The promotion is valid only for registered users;
- Only for online orders, including pickup;
- The promotional code must be included in the comments to the order;
- Place several orders from one account during the promotion period - they will all participate;
- Orders paid in full with a moneybox are not included. If the order is partially paid by moneybox, and the final amount paid with money not from the moneybox is over 5000₽ - participates in the promotion*

About how to use the moneybox and participate in the promotion

*our programmers asked to add this information so that you do not get confused when partially paying for your order with a Moneybox:
In order for the system to count an order for 5,500 rubles and credit 600 bonuses to the moneybox, pay by the moneybox no more than 500 rubles from this order. If the amount of “real” money paid for an order is less than 5,000 rubles, the system will perceive this as an order worth less than 5,000 rubles.
The system does not take into account the moneybox bonuses in the order amount within the promotion. They can be used to pay extra and buy more than the minimum amount. This only applies to the use of money from the moneybox as part of the promotion. If you just want to spend your moneybox, you can pay for your order in full with your moneybox, but it will not be included in the promotion.

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