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Schedule of events in Tea Clubs in Moscow on March 12-18, 2018


13 March, Tuesday, 19:00
"The theory of games around us"
Open lecture by Alexei Savvateev (Russian mathematician and mathematician)
Admission is free (tea for free)

15 March, Thursday, 19:00
Acquaintance with powdered Japanese tea Matcha and traditions of its preparation.
Before the tasting, the Kodo ceremony will take place - the ceremony of listening to fragrant wood.
The cost is 600 rubles.

16 March, Friday, 19:00-23:00
A whole year together with you!
Favorite ethnic musicians (Irina Gruzdeva, Sergei Razumov, Natalia Kochetkova), Daria Ivanyushina (guitar / vocals) and a specially invited guest:) ....
Of course, a sea of delicious tea and tea prizes)
Free admission!

17 March, Saturday, 19:00
Lecture-demonstration from the participants of the show "The Last Samurai":
"Samurai Armor: Practical and Symbolic Purpose of Details"
Free admission!

Adress: metro Kurskaya, Pokrovka str., 41 
(daily from 11.00 till 00.00) 
+7 905 538-62-13 (Please pay attantion: you can guaranteed get to the event only by registering by phone)  
How to get to the Tea Club


18 March, Sunday, 6 pm
Lecture hall of Alexander Pakhomov
"Folklore of Japan, part 2"
The cost is 350 rubles (including a tea ceremony gift)

metro Baumanskaya, Bakuninskaya str., 14 build.1, 2 floor, room 7 
tel. +7 925 775-04-66 
how to get us:


15 March, Thursday, 7 pm
Tea tasting of highly fermented oolongs.
Participation fee is 350 rubles
Limited number of seats.
Phone recording:+7 985-847-88-28

Adress: Metro Yuzhnaya, Kirovogradskaya street 9 build.1, shopping mall "Aquarelle", 1st floor
how to get us


March 14, Wednesday, 20:00
Boiling tea ceremony
We are approaching the spring of the old red tea Tsihun Lao Hong Cha in 2009 under the analogue sound of the slogan-cort of Team Codeine, "The White Birch" LP (1994).
Participation - 500 rubles

15 March, Thursday, 20:00
Music on vinyl
David Bowie, "1. Outside" LP (1995) under the fresh medium -fermented Taiwan Oolong Pinglin Jin Xuan Gaba Cha
Participation - 500 rubles

16 March, Friday, 20:00
Traditional tea tasting
Fresh replenishment of the collection of mountain oolong Wuyi mountain: small, medium and high fire will merge into one amicable North-Fujian dance.
Participation -500 rubles

17 March, Saturday, 20:00
Tea tasting of special teas
High-altitude Taiwanese oolong autumn harvest: Fushou Shan and Da Yu Lin. The purest air, mineral-rich stony soils and strong fluctuations of day and night temperatures give rise to a completely unique tea leaf, which we will cook with great pleasure for guests!
Participation - 1000 rubles

Khhimki, Proletarskaya str., 6 
tel: +7 910 421 15 28
how to get us

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