Online kintsugi art training course

Лента новостей и медиа 12.03.2021

Each item, especially tea utensils, has its own life span. Even a simple bowl that gives you memories, reminds you of an event or a person, is of great value. 
Japanese kintsugi art helps us to preserve what is already broken, giving the dishes a unique look. "Golden patch" or kintsukura "golden repair" is a method of restoration of ceramic products with the help of Japanese urushi varnish using gold powder. 


Everyone who takes our online kintsugi art training course will be able to feel like a kintsugi master: 
To do this, you only need a desire to learn new things and a basic set of materials. 


What awaits you:
* 4 lessons from the master kintsugi, who helps to find a new life for the tea dishes of our guests and employees of the company;
* information support from - you can ask any questions: from the choice of materials to advice on the specific situation with your favorite bowl.

 The cost of training is 9000 rubles.

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