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What is money-box?

This is cash-back system for active and regular customers. Money comes to Money-box after you made an order and counts following ways:

  • if the client has discount less then 10% it comes 2% of order amount to the Money-box;
  • if the client has discount from 10% to 15% it comes 1% of order amount to the Money-box
Also you can get gift to the Money-box due to activity at social networks, and others. Follow the news.

You can use savings from the Money-box for payment any part of the order or the entire order as a whole.

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Events from February 13 to 19, 2023

Club on Bakuninskaya


Tuesday, February 14, 19:00
Performance of the S.A.B. group


Sunday, February 19, 13:00
Tasting "Gold of Mesoamerica"

We invite you to participate again in the unique tasting of "Mesoamerica Gold"!
Master Evgenia Pryadko will prepare for you a thick Aztec drink of the nobility - from cocoa beans, specially processed corn and chili pepper, as well as its modern Europeanized version on lactose-free milk with spices and cane sugar.
Along the way, let's touch on the history of cocoa. And there will be a "circular mortar" too!

Presenter - Evgenia Pryadko
The cost of participation is 1500 rubles


Sunday, February 19, 17:00
Tabletop role-playing game "10 candles"

Dear guests, we are pleased to offer you a game of the tabletop role-playing game "10 candles"
The tabletop role-playing game “10 candles” in the genre of tragic horror makes it possible to get a vivid gaming experience in one evening. No cliffhangers, no next episodes, the main characters will die at the end and this is a settled issue. The process of the game itself is a concentrate with very simple rules (it is not necessary for players to read them and, in a sense, even harmful) and huge narrative opportunities for everyone at the tables. Often, the action at the table is more like a brainstorm of five screenwriters than a game of a master and four players. Favorite horror movies, scary stories, and just your own fears may well sparkle with new colors in the light of lighted candles.

Moderator - Dmitry Korolyuk
Participation fee - 1000 rubles (including tea)

For all questions related to the events, write to @anastas_chu


M. Baumanskaya, Bakuninskaya str., 14, building 1, 2nd floor, room No. 7 (every day from 11:30 to 22:00)
tel. - +7 925 775-04-66


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