Ceramic online school

Лента новостей и медиа 16.07.2021

Create a bowl of your dreams, leave your grandchildren a kettle created with your own hands, or open your own ceramic production... knows where to start!

Back in the Bronze Age, artisans began to use a potter's wheel. Since then, the craft has reached the level of art, and the secrets of craftsmanship have been passed down from generation to generation. It took many years to master the ceramic art...

We are launching a pottery course to help everyone who wants to gain knowledge and confidence on the ceramic path.
An experienced ceramist Andrey Akimov will tell you about all the subtleties of working with clay from the perspective of tea ceramics, will help you save time and effort, and reveal your potential as a master.

The course contains the knowledge necessary to start studying ceramics: from elementary bowls made by hand to a teapot on a potter's wheel. For the first steps, you do not need special equipment and a workshop - you can study without leaving your home.


We offer a basic course with support in the form of a master's feedback. 

The second version of the course includes a basic training plan and two individual classes with a ceramist lasting 1.5 hours. 


Applied knowledge is invaluable and gives freedom in choosing a creative path. A new course from will help you implement your ideas and enjoy working with pliable and "live" material.


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