Tea meeting and DJ set with Sergey Shevelev!

Лента новостей и медиа 04.03.2022

On March 8, at 17:30, we will gather for a festive tea tasting at the Tea Culture Club on Malaya Dmitrovka. 

We will brew the best varieties of tea from the personal collection of the head of Moychay.com. 
We try fresh tea from Thailand and samples of old sheng puers from different collectors. 


After the tasting — music!
At 19:30 we start the evening of electronic music from DJ Brainfilter and DJ DiZ. Let's arrange idm, ambient, experimental, vinyl evening until the tea club closes! 


Important! If you observe signs of a viral disease, we recommend that you refrain from attending the event.

You can join our meeting at any time - both during the tasting and during the DJ sets. 


We are waiting for you at the address:
Moscow, Moychay.com Tea Culture Club on Malaya Dmitrovka str., 24/2 p.2, entrance from the courtyard from Malaya Dmitrovka str.
Tel.: +7 495 650 24 58, +7 925 695 59 58.


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