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This is cash-back system for active and regular customers. Money comes to Money-box after you made an order and counts following ways:

  • if the client has discount less then 10% it comes 2% of order amount to the Money-box;
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Also you can get gift to the Money-box due to activity at social networks, and others. Follow the news.

You can use savings from the Money-box for payment any part of the order or the entire order as a whole.

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Events during the week of May 29 - June 4

May 30, Tuesday, 19:00 Go-meeting "Hikari and Go"

June 1, Thursday, 20:00 Concert "Somewhere Out There"

June 1, Thursday, 19:00 Tasting "Gold of Mesoamerica"

June 3, Saturday, 17:00 Go-meeting

June 3, Saturday, 14:30 Workshop "Mountain Landscape"


🧧 Arbat


June 1, Thursday, 20:00

Concert "Somewhere Out There"

Hosts - Alexandra and Alexander Lazarev

Chamber concert of an original duet on the first day of summer. Sensual female vocals, unique guitar playing technique, powerful tambourine and rustling leaves. Author's music in Russian and unusual versions of folk songs. It will not be just a concert, but also a presentation of a picture created by the duet's vocalist especially for the tea club. The size of the painting is 50 by 160 cm. Materials: plywood, pastel, sanguine, tempera paints. During the concert, we will drink a new herbal collection, created jointly with Sasha and Sasha "Somewhere Out There". The packaging design and the picture on the cover of the collection are also the authorship of the vocalist and percussionist of the duet.

Address: Starokonyushenny lane, 43, entrance from the yard. Metro stations - Arbatskaya and Smolenskaya. The Tea Club is located in the basement of a residential building located in Starokonyushenny Lane. Entrance from the yard.


🧧 Baumanskaya


May 30, Tuesday, 19:00

Go meeting "Hikari and Go"

Host: Anna Morozova

We invite everyone to the Go-meeting dedicated to the anime "Hikaru and Go". The manga, and later the anime series "Hikaru and Go", released by the Japanese government to popularize the game of Go, exceeded all expectations of its creators. Not only in Japan, but also in the world, "Hikaru and Go" is the absolute leader in sports-themed anime and consistently ranks among the top eight most read manga in recent years. What is the secret of its popularity? This series is equally interesting for both adults and children, it extremely exciting introduces the culture, philosophy, life of Japan and, of course, the game of Go. All the positions shown in it are taken from the games of Go professionals, and many of them are from very famous games of the past. At the meeting, we will talk about the history of the creation of the anime series, the rules of the game of Go, consider one of the games shown and play on training boards 9 * 9 and 13 * 13.


June 1, Thursday, 19:00

Tasting "Gold of Mesoamerica"

Presenter - Evgenia Pryadko

We invite you to participate in the unique tasting "Gold of Mesoamerica" again! Master Evgenia Pryadko will prepare for you a thick Aztec drink of the nobility - from cocoa beans, specially processed corn and chili peppers, as well as its modern Europeanized version in milk with spices and cane sugar.


June 3, Saturday, 17:00


Host - Anna Morozova

Dear friends, we invite all Go lovers to a meeting for beginners dedicated to tactics and techniques. In the game of Go, both tactics and long-term strategies are important. At the beginning of the game, strategy plays an important role, but as the game progresses, tactics gradually become more important. In tactical battles, the knowledge of Go techniques, such as geta, shicho, latch, plays an essential role. We will talk about how to increase the effectiveness of the stones by combining them into teams, about strong and weak groups, we will apply techniques in practice in the game on educational boards 13 * 13.


🧧 Dmitrovka

June 3, Saturday, 14:30

Master class "Mountain landscape"

Host: Elena Fedorova We will work with 3-4 colors of green markers, show the reflection of mountains in the water and learn how to draw 3 types of trees. At the master class, we will need markers, liners and paper with a density of at least 160 g / m. Materials provided by the artist. About the artist: Fedorova Elena - architect-designer and artist, teacher. She has been fond of Chinese painting since 2012, studied with Russian and Chinese masters, has been teaching since 2016. She developed a graphic style of quick sketches with markers for natural and architectural subjects. The main theme of creativity is the search for harmony in nature, the creation of zen paintings that change the space of the house and interior.



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