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Schedule of events in Tea Clubs 9-14 of October, 2018


October 11, Thursday, 20:00 
Tasting: Ripe Puer 60. Exclusive Ripe Puer 1982. from the collection of the Club of tea culture in cooking and brewing
Tea master: Alexey Averkin
Cost of participation - 600 rubles

Adress: metro Pushkinskaya, Malaya Dmitrovks str., 24/2 build.2, entrance from the yard from the street Malaya Dmitrovka (daily from 10:00 till 00:00). more information about how to reach us:
tel. - +7 495 650 24 58 


October 9, Tuesday, 19:30 
We continue the running season for 5 km in the Tea Club on Pokrovka with the subsequent tea-drinking.
Participation fee is free of charge

October 12, Friday, 20:00 
Tasting collectible aged tea
"Lao Lao Gongfu Hong Cha, 1985," (1985)

Tea master: Dmitry "Lyubao"
Entry is limited to 2 to 6 people.
Participation fee - 600 rubles. 

October 13, Saturday, 13:00 
Ceramic workshop "Color of tenderness"
(duration 2 hours)
As part of this master class, we will learn how to make bowls.
Host: Natalia Mulchandani, ceramist
Cost of participation - 1000 rubles (tea as a gift). 

Address: metro Kurskaya, Pokrovka street, 41
(every day from 11.00 to 00.00)
+7 905 538-62-13 (Please, pay attention that it is possible to get to the event only by phone)
Learn more about 


October 9, Tuesday, 16:00 
Comparative tasting of Dian Hong Shaigan Hong Cha tea - cooking on the fire and in the siphon, insisting and pinch. Discover the best way to brew this tea together!
Tea master: Evgenia Pryadko
Cost of participation - 400 rubles. 

October 12, Friday, 18:00
Lecture "What are artificial languages and what are they for."
Lecturer: Matvey Tkachev, student of the Institute of Linguistics, RSUH.
The cost of participation - tea.

October 13, Saturday, 20:00
Lecture "Traditions of ceramics of Japan and Korea".
Lecturer: Marina Beloshkap, artist and calligrapher, member of the Creative Union of Japanese Artists Sumi-e, member of the International Association of Artists of Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting (head office in Tokyo). Experience with ceramics over 5 years.
Participation fee - 400 rubles (as a gift for tea)

October 14, Sunday, 18:00
Film show "The Wind Grows Strong", dir. Hayao Miyazaki.
The cost of participation - tea.

metro Baumanskaya, ul. Bakuninskaya 14, building 1, 2 floor, room number 7
(every day from 12:00 to 22:30)
book a seat: +7 925 775-04-66
more information about how to reach us: 


October 10, Wednesday, 20:00 
Cooking Tea
The original Taiwanese pressed red tea made from the leaves and buds of Foshou grade tea leaves. Accompanying the action will be swinging dark jazz Tuxedomoon, "Holy Wars" (1985)
Cost of participation - 500 rubles

October 11th, Thursday, 20:00 
Vinyl music 
Jungle, "Spring in Shanghai" (1989). Unreal mix of jazz fusion, art rock and ethnic music under the Krasnodar green and red teas from Khosta.
Cost of participation - 500 rubles

October 12, Friday, 20:00 
Traditional tasting
A long journey into the world of fresh green and red teas spring collection. Do not forget to feast on exclusive novelties) Sergey Rakhmaninov himself will be helping receptors with his Piano Concerto No. 3.
Cost of participation - 500 rubles 

Khimki, st. Proletarskaya 6 (every day from 11:00 to 23:00)
Tel. +7 910 421-15-28
more details how to reach us:

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