А competition for the best video about tea!

Лента новостей и медиа 12.11.2018

Hello friends!

Among our contests, there were text reviews, photo contests, and even poems! But we are not yet familiar with your video talents. The time has come! We announce a competition for the best video about tea! Tell us exactly how you drink the tea, how the tea helps you, interesting situations, unusual cases, and something else.

The timing of the video should not exceed 3 minutes. Both professional and amateur videos taken on the telephone are accepted for participation - the main thing is that you should be able to convey your idea or history with your soul!

Conditions of participation: send a video  s@moychay.comas a file. You also can upload it to youtube.comwith the access only by reference or upload it to any file sharing service (for example ). It is important that the video has not been published anywhere before. By sending us a video, you agree that we can publish it in whole or in part, or use part of it to compile a large video about the results of the competition.

Summing up: December 25, 2018

The winners will receive cash prizes in their moneybox on website *:

  • Two first places, 8888 rubles each,
  • Two second places, 5000 rubles each,
  • Three third places, 2000 rubles each.

And also we have prepared additional incentive prizes from the jury for ALL the other participants, even if they are not among the winners! Team wishes you all the great tea inspiration!



*To be credited to the moneybox you need to be registered on the

website. Money added to the moneybox can be used for full or partial payment of any order on the site.

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