Schedule of events in Tea Clubs from 11 of November till 17 of November 2019

Лента новостей и медиа 11.11.2019


Tea school.

13 of November, Wednesday, 19:00.
Yerba Mate. The history of the drink and the legend. Authentic use of Yerba Mate. Chuck War and Terere. Modern Mate Culture.
Teacher - Evgenia Pryadko

16 of November, Saturday, 18:30

The head of Sergey Shevelev on Saturday, November 16, will hold a large teatasting meeting in the Tea Culture Club on Malaya Dmitrovka str. on the occasion of the return from the expedition to the tea-producing provinces of China! 
In programme: 
- a unique secret tea development - Shu Puer Te Guan Yin;
- Fresh Guangdong oolong tea, chao cha, red tea, Tie Guan Yin;
- Lao cha from the assortment of and from Sergey’s personal collection;
- a lot of Ripe Puer;
- answers to questions, live communication
The cost of participation is – 1500 rubbles. 
For owners of any discount card or discount account on the site participation is - 1200 rubbles. 
For TEACOIN PLATINUM owners it is – 700 rubbles. 
The discount is valid for two guests.

Adress: metro Pushkinskaya, Malaya Dmitrovks str., 24/2 build.2, entrance from the yard from the street Malaya Dmitrovka (daily from 10:00 till 00:00). more information about how to reach us:
tel. - +7 495 650 24 58


15 of November, Friday, 19:00.
Lecture talk "Multifaceted Turkey"
Incredibly multifaceted Turkey ... The diversity of its natural and cultural landscapes leaves few indifferent.
Even if we ignore popular destinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia and Antalya, we still have many exciting options:
snow-covered slopes of Uludag and Palandeken, statues on Mount Nemrut, traces of Urartu in Van and traces of the Russian Empire in Kars ...
But we will go further. We will not only admire the beauty of different cities and regions of Turkey - we will also try to find answers to questions that concern us. We ask about the attitude towards Erdogan,
Ataturk, Kurds, Armenians, about fair elections, protests in the Gezi park, spiritual bonds and the perception of their own history ... The answers can be very unexpected.
Lecturer - Arseniy Klinichev. Arseny or Encyclop is a graduate of the Physics Department of Moscow State University and a linguistic logger, a specialist in the study of languages.
The lecture is free, but the number of seats is limited.

16 of November, Saturday, 19:00
Xiangqi game basics
Teacher Yurchenko Pavel
Cost of participation - 600 rubles (tea treat included)
Mandatory entry: +7 905 538-62-13
The number of sets of Chinese chess is limited.

17 of November, Sunday, 13:00.
Friends, we invite you to a series of ceramic workshops from the Inside Ceramics project.
In the second lesson, we will learn how to make 4 bowls for the Chinese tea ceremony.
We will make bowls from white clay MKF2, which is ideal for hand sculpting and very plastic.
We will cover it with ceramic paints and perform any design, we will select the color and symbolism.
Angoba is bright pigments + clay, reminiscent of gouache in texture and color. Paint allows you to make fine text and ornamentation.
After that, we cover the products with transparent glaze and burn. Glaze is a liquid glass, so the products will be waterproof, and your decor will be bright and will not be erased.
You will be able to solemnly pour your friends tea in personalized bowls!
In the space of, a tea ceremony awaits you during the entire process of creativity. Realize your fantasies and create unique tea ware.
The participation fee is 950 rubles (includes all materials, tea drinking, firing products).
TIME: from 13 00 to 16:00
Leading a master class:
Evgenia Kocheshkova
Mikhail Gelin

Address: metro Kurskaya, Pokrovka street, 41
(every day from 11.00 to 23.00)
+7 905 538-62-13 (Please, pay attention that it is possible to get to the event only by phone)
Learn more about 


12 of November, Tuesday, 19:00.
Дегустация "Четыре воды и два чая"
At the next comparative tasting, we will take four different waters, and trying to minimize other factors, we will brew two teas to compare their tastes.
The cost of participation is 400 rubles.
Attention, the number of participants is limited, you need to record by phone +7 925 775 04 66 (from 11.30 to 22.00).

17 of November, Sunday, 16:00.
Lecture talk "Talking about China. Worldviews."
We are going to have tea and talk about China.
They say that "tea and chan are of one taste." Can we touch on the understanding of Chinese Chan Buddhism through tea drinking and conversation?
We are used to thinking that Buddhism is something “oriental” and there is something “about rebirth” and “about calm”, but in reality we can hardly distinguish between the principles of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.
Let's understand, and first of all, trace the historical context of the emergence of each of the teachings in China. At the meeting, we will talk about the difference in worldviews, about the three main religions of China ("San Jiao") and we will understand
why the phrase "eastern philosophy" is subject to ruthless deconstruction.
Let's talk about how the three main Chinese philosophical traditions were formed and try to cope with the "difficulties of translation" by going through at least a few steps along the "path to a thousand li."
Sophia Vorontsova, a graduate of the Chinese branch of the philosophical faculty of the Russian State Humanitarian University, a translator from Chinese, an editor and a little Buddhist, will tell about this.
The participation fee is 500 rubles (tea with tea from the category up to 1000 rubles as a gift)
Attention, the number of participants is limited, phone recording is required
Attention, the number of participants is limited, you need to record by phone +7 925 775 04 66 (from 11.30 to 22.00)

metro Baumanskaya, ul. Bakuninskaya 14, building 1, 2 floor, room number 7
(every day from 11:30 to 22:00)
book a seat: +7 925 775-04-66
more information about how to reach us:


16 of November, Saturday,the whole day from 9:00 till 21:00
Tasting tea and herbal tea brewed through aeropress. Features brewing and versatility of use.
The cost of any drink is 200 rubles.

17 of November, Sunday, the whole day from 9:00 till 21:00
Cooking of hei cha with golden mold. Let's talk about the benefits of this drink, look at the golden mold under a microscope.
The cost of 200 rubles.


m. Tulskaya, st. Mytnaya 74, Danilovsky Market (every day from 8:00 to 21:00).

Our tea island is located to the left of the main entrance, opposite Vietnamese pho bo cuisine.
tel. - +7 958 756 88 58

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