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Steven Elfant:
Прядко Евгения:
 mg 9646
Mei Ren Hong

Csaba G. Bencsik:
12261 0 1467033408
"Kalmyk" brick tea

Excellent, soft!
A typical tibetan style tea from Georgia! Biger leaf parts and stems, but this is with low astringency, and ability for long boiling. Good, stable, clear and clean brew, with the typical georgian tea taste profile. Warmly...

Kent Steedman:
 mg 6399 copy
Zhong Cha «Green Seal» 2003, 400 g

Exceptional tea, long lasting and sublime. Works well in silence and in conversation.
These quality teas are fun as they are almost bitter, almost sweet,almost astringent and almost smooth and soft. They are all this and none at the same time-...

Beljajev Vitali:

Welcome to!

      Welcome to “Moychay” company website! Here you can buy both large tea leaves of exclusive quality for special occasions as well as decent grades for tea breaks everyday. Hundreds of wonderful varieties of tea, with a widest range of tastes and aromas for different environments and moods. We sell only what we like to drink ourselves. This is why in our tea shops you can always get detailed information about our products, discuss the products and share experience, as well as taste different tea varieties. We are happy to help you to navigate in all this maltitude, to choose utensils and accessories, and we'll tell you about proper ways to store and brew tea.

       “Moychay” company site is not only a Chinese tea shop. There are also interesting articles and videos about tea culture made in our Chinese expeditions. With understanding, with enthusiasm and with love we make reports about tea growing places; we make interviews with tea masters and farmers, who grow tea. As a result we have accumulated massive experience in tea business, became partners with tea producers in all tea areas. Yet, we’re going to move beyond. Every season we travel to different Chinese regions to tea plantations and tea factories in order to find the best tea of the new harvest that deserves to be called “Exclusive Chinese Tea”. 

       If you are a tea beginner, we recommend purchasing sample amounts of different grades ranging from 100 to 900 rubles per 100 g. These are real Chinese tea grades, easy to brew as they don't knowledge of the tea mastery. This is the right way to get introduced to the Chinese tea tradition.

       If you are an advanced tea lover and have enough experience with tea varieties and brewing methods, you have the fullest opportunity to extend your knowledge and gastronomical predilections buying tea in the range from 900 to 2900 rubles per 100 g. Starting from 2900 rubles per 100 grams, all luxurious grades require “tea mastery” to be truly appreciated.  

       In all price categories you will find original quality tea which is hand-picked and hand-produced from selected raw material, and bought directly from a tea producer. We carefully deliver all tea from China to our shop (you can read about some details in our article “Exclusive tea”). If you are not sure about choosing tea, you can buy a sample amount of tea marked “the best product” at the main page of the site. Also you can purchase a “Tea set” which is made especially for tea beginners.

       If you are interested in wholesales - we can offer you good discounts in accordance with purchase volumes! Read details here.         

       It is important to brew Chinese tea properly. Multiple infusion transforms a usual tea break into a real Tea Ceremony. You can study the basic mastery of this art at our Tea School. Read how to do it here. And certainly you can buy traditional ceramic, porcelain, glass tea ware and accessories, tea trays and etc in our shop.  

       Also our site is a virtual space for communication, where we can discuss new varieties, make proposals, express our wishes and find answers to many questions. You can study how to choose tea, to understand it and to enjoy it. It is easy for everybody, it is interesting and beneficial. Tea has a thousand years of history and it will bring something absolutely new to your life. Just open the door!

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Virtual tour to tea clubs
Список магазинов
Metro Pushkinskaya, Malaya Dmitrovka Street, 24/2
tel. +7 495 650 24 58
Bakuninskaya Street
Metro Baumanskaya, Bakuninskaya Street, 14, Bldg 1, room 8
tel. +7 925 775-04-66
Myasnitskaya Street
Metro Chistye Prudy, Myasnitskaya Street, 24/7, bldg 2
tel. +7 925 775-04-66
Danilovskiy Market
Metro Tulskaya, Mytnaya street, 74, Danilovsky market
tel. +7 958 756 88 58
Metro Yuzhnaya, Kirovogradskaya Street, 9k1, trade center "Akvarel" (Billa), 1st floor
tel. +7 985 847 88 28
Metro Sennaya Ploschad, Apraksin pereulok, 10
tel. +7 995 997 80 09
Ligovsky Prospekt
Metro Ligovskiy Prospekt, Ligovsky Prospekt, 74 office 202
tel. +7 995 598 50 09
Karl Marx Street, 2A
tel. +7 4742 71 83 28
Respubliki Street
Respubliki Street 5А
tel. +7 922 480 38 41
Krasnaya Street, 143/1
tel. +7 989 210 38 86
Khimki teashop
Proletarskaya st. 6
tel. +7 910 421 15 28
Nizhniy Novgorod Teashop
Alekseyevskaya st. 13В
+7 920 251 82 51, +7 831 411 91 65
Kaluga Teashop
Marat street, 1A
tel. +7 905 643 40 70
Serafimovich st. Teashop
Serafimovish st. 74
tel. +7 863 333 51 43
Mihail Morozov Street, d. 1
tel. +7 989 989 10 88
Uritskogo Street 5
tel. +7 922 948 67 19