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Welcome to the Moychay online shop of Chinese tea! Our project is the best solution both for buying Chinese tea and getting to know tea culture. “Original tea” and “true tea” are essential ideas for us. Our tea store was established in 2009. All our best quality teas are sourced by our professional specialists directly from the tea farmers in China, Taiwan, Japan and other countries. Our motto is “First-hand Chinese tea at its best!”
All our teas are bought at their growing places. For example, Taiwanese oolong from Alishan Mountain, comes directly from the Alishan mountain. The one called Tie Guan Yin from Xiping village comes from the Xiping village. And Sichuan tea Zhu Ye Qing from the Emei Mountain is bought at the Emei Mountain. We love tea so much that even hundred assortments do not seem to be enough, that’s why we always look for new tea varieties. 

To help you make your choice, we’ve completed a catalogue of the highest quality Chinese teas. Throughout its 2000-year history, the Chinese tea tradition has given the world hundreds of gorgeous varieties with a wide range of tastes, aromas, shapes and effects for different situations and moods.


White tea or Bai cha白茶
The best tea for hot seasons and active lifestyle. It is refreshing and light, has a delicate taste and a tender floral aroma.

Yellow or Huang cha黄茶
An elegant tea with smoky tones and milky overtones.

Green tea or Lui cha 绿茶
This precious product has “four perfections” : perfect shape, clear infusion, rich aroma and fresh taste.

Turquoise or Qing cha青茶 light fermented oolong
This tea is like a festival, very optimistic, emotional. A bright tea for friend party, important social meeting, or personal celebration. 

Oolong cha烏龍茶 (strong fermented oolog)
Pure and wonderful aroma, strong and deep taste. As it opens gradually, drink it slowly and enjoy every tiny sip.

Red or Hong cha红茶 
Envelope yourself in its gorgeous taste and aroma as in a warm blanket! Feel the wave of inner warmness, soft silence and harmony with the surrounding world.

Black tea or Hei cha 黑茶
Simple and strong, a bit brutal, with mild and aged deep aroma.

Puer cha普洱茶
Strong natural energy drink with bright, rich taste and tonic effect.

Buy here exclusive classic teas of hundred years history, new varieties that appeared just recently, rare collection of Puers, or everyday teas coming either from famous factories production or from organic tea farms.

Discover also our special teas produced in our Factory in Jinngu (Yunnan, China) or in partner factories located in other Chinese provinces. We are proud of every tea variety of our shop! 

You can order tea right now through our online shop, or call us at +7 495 580 9777, or by telegram support. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Tea is not just a business for us, it’s our favorite drink. That’s why we sell only what we drink ourselves. We are also extremely attentive to our customers because we want to excel doing what we love.   


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