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Herbal tea Cake "Grove Silence", 2.0, 80 g

4.42 $

Ivan-green tea
Ivan-black tea
Melissa (leaf)
St. John's wort (leaf and flowers)
Raspberry (leaf)
Medicinal honeydew (leaf+stem)
Badan (leaf)
Rosehip (Altai)
Pine buds
Pine cones
Chaga Mushroom

Forest Quiet is a collection of classic taiga herbs pressed into a tile weighing 80g.
Therapeutic and harmonious composition, heals the whole body, soothes and collects. The taste is not intrusive, with the aroma and taste of the taiga forest, conveying the tranquility and silence of the pine forest.

Cooking method:
Break off a piece, put 700 ml in a kettle, pour hot water (90g) and insist for 5-10 minutes
Brew well in a thermos (1 piece per 1000 ml of hot water).
The collection has a restorative, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and pacifying effect on the human body. It does not contain caffeine, you can drink it at any time.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, children under 5 years old.
Sometimes you need to leave the city - to the forest. To go so deep that all the city sounds disappear, only the voluminous forest silence remains, which gives peace and inner harmony.
So you can hear yourself, and be filled with silence to the brim."

Pressed herbal collection "Forest Quiet" is the strength and harmony of wild plants of the northern forests of Russia.
100% Organic. Vegan.

In the deep forest, where the rustle of herbs
Caressing the ear and bare feet…
You walk without following the road
At the call of the spirit of one…
You go where there is no crowd, where there is no sadness and despondency.
You go where there is an answer, the answer to all your doubts!

The excellent, bright taste of the collection pleases and fills. Melissa, St. John's wort, raspberry and honeydew are classics of health! For centuries, they have helped people to recharge with energy, increase immunity, strengthen the body. The leaves of all plants are of great benefit and have a lot of useful properties. Badan - perfectly stimulates the immune system.Altai rosehip is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals for the body as a whole. And of course, the alkalizing and strengthening ivan tea, perfectly helps to clean the body of unnecessary toxins.

We recommend "Forest Silence" when you really want to immerse yourself in the silence that is in your heart!
All our herbal tea is closer to a healthy diet than to a medicine. Initially, it is an herbal drink that reveals the different flavors of each of the herbal collections!
The peculiarity is that each collection is collected taking into account the recommendations of experienced herbalists, is balanced and does not contain highly active or poisonous plants.
As a rule, undesirable effects and side effects may occur in the case of prolonged use of a medicinal plant intended only for short-term use (for example, juniper strongly irritates the kidneys), as well as in cases of severe dosage excess, which can even lead to poisoning (for example, pine needles).
So often, the most terrible side effect caused by herbal tea is an allergic reaction.
Contraindications for excessive use:
Ivan-green tea - acute phase of food allergy and pollinosis, hemophilia, poor blood clotting.
Melissa (leaf)- hypotension, epilepsy, kidney failure, pregnancy
St. John's wort (leaf and flowers)-hypertension, gastrointestinal sensitivity, allergy
Raspberry (leaf)-constipation, kidney disease, allergy
Medicinal honeydew (leaf + stem) - constipation, increased blood clotting, intestinal atony.
Badan (leaf)-tachycardia, hypotension, increased blood clotting,
Rosehip (Altai)- tachycardia, increased blood clotting, tendency to thrombosis, high acidity of the stomach
For your convenience, we offer general recommendations on contraindications to herbs included in the collection. However, as mentioned above, the herbs are balanced in the collection, so there is usually no pronounced effect. The collection can be consumed in the evening, calms and relaxes.

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Pasha Gusev

чай супер и плюс небольшой подарок !) все просто супер!

Is comment useful? true 0
Никита Вараксин / Rating

Всего одн фильр пакет, как то не закончено, в версии 3.0 сразу 9 штук нужно.
Настой приятный хвойно-ягодный теплый и успокаивающий, очень питкий.

Is comment useful? true 0
Анна / Rating

Великолепный сбор! По вкусу очень напомнило чай, которым нас угощали в деревне саами (сочетание ягеля+клюква). Хочется пить снова и снова!

Is comment useful? true 1
Артём / Rating

Замечательный сбор! От контакта с упаковкой до самого процесса заваривания дарит очень приятные впечатления. Живой аромат переносит прямо в тихий лесок, который изображен на коробочке. Вкус и аромат настоя приятный и легкий. Аромат заваренного листа - прямо-таки концентрат леса, и природы. Навевает банькой и вениками, только более утонченно. Буду брать. Спасибо МойЧай!

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