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White Puer

Many tea lovers know black, strong fermented ripe puer that is made according “wo tui” technology and has typical earthy taste. Other famous puer variety is “green”, raw puer. Actually Puer is the name of the city in Yannan province, and it gave the name to many tea varieties.

White puer (Bai Hao Puer) is the official name of the compressed tips picked from old Yunnan puer trees. The leaves of these trees are used for ripe and raw puer production.

The white puer effects are similar to ripe and raw puers, but the taste is very different and close to delicate white tea. But it does not require the strict following temperature and brewing time regime as white tea, but still the liquor is smooth and gentle.

The white tea has a bright taste with herbal nuances, long lasting “dried fruit” aftertaste and fresh fragrance. This tea is made from two upper leaves and buds or just buds. The raw material is sun dried, selected, then steamed and compressed into a bing (cake). The tea cakes are dried with the temperature of 45°С during 5-7 days. The tea is slightly oxidized due to the fermentation process. It makes tea taste deeper and emphasizes the tea bouquet and effect. Some white puer varieties can be aged as sheng puers and change the taste. The ripe tea has no “green” tones and the taste becomes thicker and smoother. The clear antioxidant effect of white puer comes due to the mineralized soils where tea trees grow.

When you brew quality white puer you can see that buds get its natural shape and light green color. It happens certainly if you don’t crush the compressed tea too strong.

You can watch video about puer varieties and learn more about white puer

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Bai Hao Sheng Puer  from Wuliangshan harvest 2016 pressed 2018 Moychaycom 357 g Tea

Bai Hao Sheng Puer from Wuliangshan (harvest 2016, pressed 2018) 357 g

30.42 $ Tea

Bai Hao Sheng Puer from Wuliangshan (harvest 2016, pressed 2018) 357 g

30.42 $