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Schedule of online events from April 6 to 12, 2020

Dear friends,

we are starting to conduct online tastings with the participation of masters from the team of in a stream format!
Now you will be able to get to know them more closely than ever and learn about the most pressing issues from the world of tea, together “hear” aromas and feel the aftertaste)!
You just have to place an order for the desired tasting positions on our website. Courier delivery is free of charge for orders starting at 2500 rubles, including contactless courier delivery for prepaid orders.

This week the following program awaits you:

April 8, Wednesday, 18:00
Online tasting with Sergey Shevelev on Sergey’s channel
A set of tea for the stream and description of the event:

April 9, Thursday, 18:00
The stream will be held on the channel "Teapot Strait"
We adjust the atmosphere for tea drinking.
Selection of dishes, awareness, preparation of space for a tea ceremony.
Tea drinking is an action that requires preparation and awareness.
We will try to keep our attention in the moment thanks to tea, listen to ourselves and focus our mind on a specific tea.
Our tea recommendations:
Bay Dow Qingqao Xiang (,
Jun Shan Hong Mao Jian 15 (,
Bai Ye Meizhou Chao Cha (
All tea is dark, we will bask and calm down. If you know your tastes, then you can take your three options that are available at home.
The duration of the stream is 1.5-2 hours.
Leading master - Eugene Grigoruta.

April 11, Saturday, 16:00
The stream will be held on the channel "Teapot Strait"
Tasting Sheng Puer production "Puer swim".
We recommend the following composition:
- Sheng Puer From Tea Trees of Nano Nano (;
- Sheng Puer From Small Tea Trees of Nano Nano (;
- Nanoshan Da Shu Cha (
+ Optional:
- Yiwu Sheng Bin,, raw materials 2006, press 2018 (
Stream duration - 2 hours
Leading master - Evgenia Pryadko

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Дмитрий Какареко

Сергей говорил, что будут формироваться готовые наборы для желающих поучаствовать в дегустации, сидя у себя дома. А в каком разделе сайта эти наборы искать? Что-то не нашёл или их ещё нет 🤔

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Анастасия Мойчай.ру

Дмитрий, здравствуйте! Вот набор по мотивам дегустации от 8 апреля, запись стрима сохранена на канале, можно повторить дегустацию в записи. Что касаемо дегустаций с чайными мастерами, в анонсе прописаны названия чая.

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Эх, в онлайне вряд ли смогу посмотреть. Очень надеюсь, записи стримов выложат потом :) Вроде Сергей отработал технологию уже :)

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Анастасия Мойчай.ру

Роман, здравствуйте! Запись будет.

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Роман Селиверстов

Прям очень жду! Просто обожаю эту компанию!