Schedule of online events from April 13 to 19, 2020

Лента новостей и медиа 13.04.2020

April 15, Wednesday, 16:00
Spherical Fujian without vacuum.
The stream will be held on the channel "Teapot Strait"
We continue the journey through the southeast of Fujian.
This time all spherical tea, which is not Tie Guan Yinu, is at gunpoint. And first of all, a Wonderful orchid, it is Qi Lan in all its diversity and magnificence. And of course a couple of surprises) ...
Leading master is Saaref.
Recommended tasting teas:

Bai Ya Qilan Tang Bei 
Yutou Hongbei Qilan
Lao Zhanzhou Qilan, Aged Oolong
Pingxi Cong Qilan
Go Xiang Lao Cha, Aged oolong
Lao Yu Shi Oolong, Aged Oolong

April 17, Friday, 18:00
The stream will be held on the channel "Teapot Strait"
Master class in cooking sheng puer in a pan!
Not every house has beautiful dishes and all the attributes suitable for the ceremony, but everyone has a stove and pan) ...
We decided to organize an unusual home-style tasting.
Show the cooking of the Tang Dynasty as a recipe for cooking, and not as aesthetics.
The brewed sheng puer or red tea warms pleasantly, invigorates and adds joy.
We recommend ordering teas:
Nanno Qiaomu Lao Cha 
Bada Shaigan Hun Cha
Proportions of tea - 12-14 gr. 1.8 liters.
Leading master - Eugene Grigoruta.

April 18, Saturday, 10:00
Tea as a tool for self-knowledge.
The stream will be held on the channel "Teapot Strait"
Friends, we invite you to an online trip to Cambodia, where we will practice qigong with our tea master Alice.
In the process of drinking tea at the beginning, we will tune in to the practice, turning our attention inward: observing the breath, calming the mind, relaxing the body. For this, any morning favorite tea variety is suitable for you.
Then we smoothly flow to the warm-up exercises, warm up the body well, and fill ourselves with softness and warmth with the help of simple qigong exercises.
If you are at home in quarantine, this broadcast will be especially useful for you! Cheer up, fill up and recharge your batteries # best
Please note that for practice you will need free space near the tea place, as we will move during the stream).
Let's tell a little about our leading Alice.
Experience in personal practice: 7 years.
Teaching experience: 5 years.
From 2013 to the present day, she continues to study with the master of martial arts in the field of Vietnamese qigong Bruno Eap (France, Cambodia). He regularly participates in traveling intensives in France and Cambodia.
2016-2017 studied at the "Tao Studio of Eduard Malakhov", certificate of instructor (2017)
Tea master Alice went to Cambodia for another qigong training, and she stayed there. Borders are closed, flights are canceled ...
But now, living among palm trees and mango trees, she is ready to share with you her knowledge and positive attitude!

April 19, Sunday, 16:00
The stream will be held on the channel "Teapot Strait"
Tasting Puer production from Burmese raw materials:
- Lao Chahu 
- Mianyang Shu Puer 
- Guogan Shu Cha
Leading master - Evgenia Pryadko.

For full participation in events, you just have to place an order for the desired tasting positions on our website. Courier delivery is free on orders starting at 2500 rubles within the Moscow Ring Road, including contactless courier delivery for prepaid orders.



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