Schedule of online events from 14 to 20 December 2020

Лента новостей и медиа 16.12.2020

December 16, Wednesday, 16-00
Tea curiosities of a white man. England and America.
"Walk like that," decided the tea master, anticipating the anniversary.
Continuing with the history of tea, on the anniversary of the Boston tea party, we will talk about British and American tea customs and the impact of tea on the nation.
Guangxi Lu Cha, Taiwan black tea with bergamot, Assam Harmutti, Darjeeling Upper Fagu and Yan Song Xiao Zhong will help us in this.
Participants: Evgenia Pryadko, Evgenia Grigorutse, Maxim Shman.

December 17, Thursday, 16:00
"Opium Wars"
Leading masters: Evgenia Yeshchenko and Maria Tikhomolova.

December 18, Friday, 16:00
Experiments with Hongbei.
Dear friends, let me invite you to a unique experiment, where we will use an electric installation for hongbei on the air and additionally warm up tea before drinking tea.
Leading masters: Mikhail Gvozdevich and Mr. Saaref.

December 20, Sunday, 16:00
Online concert
Shakuhachi: Chill Out Variations
Musician Andrei Zhilin (founder of the Shakuhachi in Russia movement,
participant in international shakuhachi festivals, one of the founders and member of the Tori group)
Digital partner - Alexey Kustov.
Would you like to hear an experiment born at the intersection of Japanese tradition and the unobtrusive sound of electronic music?
This will be an unusual event and for the following reasons. For the first time, Andrei Zhilin will perform an online concert timed to coincide with the recording of an album of solo pieces for the shakuhachi.
Finally, Alexey Kustov will take part in the event. It will be a very unexpected interweaving of electronic synthesizers and live flute.
This Sunday you will be mesmerized and will not let go of our music stream for a long time.
Sounds unusual in our latitudes will remind you of the past, of the passing decade, and direct your thoughts to the future.

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