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This is cash-back system for active and regular customers. Money comes to Money-box after you made an order and counts following ways:

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Also you can get gift to the Money-box due to activity at social networks, and others. Follow the news.

You can use savings from the Money-box for payment any part of the order or the entire order as a whole.

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Program of online events from May 18 to May 31, 2020

May 19, Tuesday, 18:00
Xiang Tao
Recommended Tea:
Lao Te Guanyin Qian Liang Cha
Master - Evgenia Pryadko

May 20, Wednesday, 16:00
Tea drinking in nature. Reload.
On the stream, teas from the personal collection will be tasted.
Among them, a 30-year-old, "forgotten" in the attic of a Chinese puer from the tasting of Sergei Shevelev.
Master - Luke

May 21, Thursday, 18:00
Joon Cha Collectible Puer.
Let's talk about the most famous and expensive puer. Let’s tell the story of Zhong Cha trademark. About how pu-erh became a cult tea and what pu-erh boom is zero.
Recommended teas:
1. Zhong Cha Pai Meishu Ji Yuan Cha (1999)
2. Lan Zhang Xiang 7542 (1996) 
3. Menghai Sheng Bin, recipe 7542, (1996) 
Master - Semyon Batunin

May 22, Friday, 17:00
Go to the bright side
White tea
Shou Mei Bai Cha 
Zhen Shan Shaw Mei
Jingmai Bai Cha
Bai Mudan Wang (2015)
Master - Saaref

Saturday, May 23, 3 p.m.
Secrets of tea masters.
Tea tasting scheme. v.2.0
Recommended Tea:
Manson Baotan Sheng Cha
Master - Mikhail Gvozdevich

May 23, Saturday, 18:00
Tea stereotypes
Recommended teas:
Jin Xuan
Da Hong Pao Jinping 
Nanno Lao Shu Cha
Masters - Tatyana Larochkina and Oksana Zakharova

May 24, Sunday, 16:00
50 shades of red
Hung cha
Recommended Tea:
Qihong Xiang Lo
Manding Hong Cha
Master - Eugene Grigoruta

May 25, Monday, 18:00
Tea etiquette
Real stories from the life of the Tea Club
Recommended teas:
Yongde Gaoshan Gushu Sheng
Bai Xue Gong Wang
Masters - Artem Gonikov and Elena Solodukhina

May 26, Tuesday, 18:00
Comparative tasting
Two teas four water
Recommended teas:
Xiao Zhong Oolong
Sheng Puer From Small Tea Trees of Nano Nanano
Evgenia Pryadko

May 27, Wednesday, 18:00
One tea - three drinks
Cook, spill, insist
Recommended teas:
Shu Puer from Huangshan Mountain Ningere County
Dian Hong Xiao Bin 
Masters - Tatyana Larochkina and Oksana Zakharova

Thursday, May 28, 6 p.m.
A talk about Lao Cha. Tea of ​​the last century.
Let's look into the past with old tea. We’ll tell you how tea changes when it is over 30 and it’s not Puer. About why it is worth trying at least once in a lifetime and about the special mood of “old tea”.
Chuan Tong Zhen Shan Xiao Zhong 

Yun Si Ho Qing (Anhui), 1980
Lao Gongfu Hong Cha, 1985
Presenters - master Semyon Batunin and territorial manager Vladimir Bolshakov

May 29, Friday, 17:00
Three melodies of one tea
Three girls will brew the same tea and play U Wo's tea game.
The result may surprise everyone ...
Recommended Tea:
Jun Shan Zi I am 4
Masters - Eugene Grigoruta, Eugene Pryadko and another mysterious participant)

May 30, Saturday, 18:00
What clay are you from?
All About Dummies
Master - Saaref

May 31, Sunday, 16:00
Origami MK
We will learn how to create an ordinary Japanese crane, Hiroshima crane and "eight cranes" from one sheet of paper, as well as kusudama - a "box" of six modules.
Recommended Tea:
Match V88
Master - Evgenia Pryadko

Streams will be held on the channel "Kettle Strait"
For full participation in events, you just have to place an order for the desired tasting positions on our website. Courier delivery is free on orders starting at 2500 rubles (within the MKAD), including contactless courier delivery for prepaid orders. And of course you can manage to order teas by mail)

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