Action on the occasion of the Chinese New Year!

Лента новостей и медиа 29.01.2019

Dear friends! We are glad to announce a new promotion: free delivery throughout Russia!

Mail delivery becomes FREE for orders placed from the first minute of January 27, 2019 to the last minute of February 27, 2019!

The promotion involves ONLY online orders issued by our customers using the following delivery methods:

• Russian Post, prepayment - the minimum order amount is 1900 rubles;

• Delivery by transport company (express delivery by EMS is not involved) - the minimum order amount is more than 2500 rubles.

A prerequisite for participation in the action is the presence of the phrase “китайскийновыйгод” in the comment to the order on the site.

Place orders on our sites:

• Moscow, the main site (shipping worldwide):

• St. Petersburg (worldwide delivery):

* Please note that none of the Tea Club employees will be able to correct the mistake you made in the commentary, or write it for you. If you make a mistake or do not specify a comment to the order, the automatic system will take it as your refusal to participate in the promotion.

** Nuance, about using early accumulated (or won in other promotions) MONEYBOX as a part of this promotion. From the moneybox you can pay only the amount that exceeds the minimum (1750 rubles for shipments by Russian mail or 2500 rubles for shipments by the transport company). Of course, this applies only to the framework of the action. If you just want to spend the moneybox, you CAN do it, but this order will not participate in the promotion.

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