Thyme tea Cake, pressed, 80 g.

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A well tested healthy and tasty old recipe with traditional red (black) tea;. It aides digestion and gives a pleasant sensation in the stomach, has a warm nature and dispels cold. For all who love thyme.

Cooking method:
ise pressed cake consisting of 9 segments will provide for approximately 6-8 litres of tea. It is recommended to brew 1 piece per 500 ml of water for 5 minutes or more. You can also steep it in a thermos or boil it for a thicker, richer tea soup.

Thyme is not recommended for use by pregnant and lactating women, children under 5 years.

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Леонид Михайлович

Очень ждем

Larissa Lendel

Очень вкусный, насыщенный, сбалансированный чай!

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