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What is money-box?

This is cash-back system for active and regular customers. Money comes to Money-box after you made an order and counts following ways:

  • if the client has discount less then 10% it comes 2% of order amount to the Money-box;
  • if the client has discount from 10% to 15% it comes 1% of order amount to the Money-box
Also you can get gift to the Money-box due to activity at social networks, and others. Follow the news.

You can use savings from the Money-box for payment any part of the order or the entire order as a whole.

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News: Goods arrival act №72672 / 28.11.2022 06:21

Assortment renewal of Guangdong Oolongs (Сhaozhou Cha)!

new products:

  1. Gu Shu Chao Cha
  2. Dan Cong Chao Cha, 2017
  3. Ye Sheng Bai Ye Chao Cha, 2020
  4. Chun Fo Shou Chao Cha, 2018
  5. Lao Fo Shou Chao Cha, 2015
  6. Shui Xian Meizhou Chao Cha (2017)
  7. Xiue Pian Ya Shi Xiang Dan Cong
  8. Milan Xiang Dan Cong, 2022
  9. Chun Chi Ye Dan Cong
  10. Chun Milan Xiang Dan Cong, 2022
  11. Lishiwei Shuixian
  12. Ya Shi Xiang 2022
  13. Ju Duo Zi Dan Cong, 2022
  14. Dongfang Hong, 2022
  15. Chaozhou Shuixian, 2022
  16. Chun Shuixian, 2022
  17. Shishan Yashixiang
  18. Zhenhao Yashixiang, 2022
  19. Mei Zhan Dan Ya Chao Cha
  20. Chao Lu, 2022
  21. Huan Dan Ya Chao Cha
  22. Chun Dan Ya Chao Cha
  23. Chun Lu Chao Cha
  24. Chao Cha Bai Ye Ya
  25. Chao Cha Lu Ya
  26. Chun Fo Shou Chao Cha, 2018
  27. Fo Shou Chen Chao Cha, 2017
  28. Chen Lu Chao Cha, 2017
  29. Bai Ya Chao Cha, 2018
  30. Tu Shui Xian Chao Cha, 2018


  1. Ye Sheng Da Shan Meizhou Chao Cha
  2. Fo Shou Meizhou Chao Cha
  3. Bai Ye Chao Cha, 2018
  4. Lao Lü Chao Cha, 2015
  5. Huang Jin Gui Chao Cha, 2019
  6. Fo Shou Dan Ya Chen Chao Cha, 2015
  7. Chun Milan Xiang Dan Cong
  8. Da Wu Ye
  9. Chun Ba Xian Dan Cong
  10. Xue Wu Ye Dan Cong
  11. Qiwei Da Wu Ye
  12. Lishiwei Milan
  13. Chun Ya Shi Xiang
  14. Zhi Lan Xiang Dan Cong "Fragrant orchid, lonely bush"
  15. Xiue Pian Wu Ye Feng Huang Dan Cong (“Snow Leaves From Phoenix Mountain”)

Assortment renewal of Black Tea (Red Tea)!

new products:

      1. Youngde Da Shu Hong Cha, 2022
      2. Yongde Ye Sheng Hong Cha, spring 2022

Assortment renewal of Loose Leaf Raw Puer!

new products:

      1. Yongde Da Hei Sheng Cha, 2022
      2. Youngde Da Shu Sheng Cha, spring 2022
      3. Youngde Gushu Sheng Cha, 2022

Assortment renewal of Green Tea!

      1. Chuan Lü Cha (spring 2022)

Assortment renewal of Herbs, Flowers, Additives!

      1. Ku Qiao Cha, buckwheat tea. Sichuan

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